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Now I'll show you my living room! Open the door, please come in! The sea takes you to my house

look at the picture and start with the front door. The burglar proof door of my house was originally beige. In order to unify the color of the door at home, it was painted white. The scarlet word "Fu" on it was posted during the Chinese New Year. I feel very happy. It is still posted on the door of Haihai home

students who care about Feng Shui must think it's bad to open the door. I can't help it! This is the only condition in my family, so look away and see the white Chinese flower board? Especially when I turn on the light when I go home at night, the first thing I see is not the kitchen door, but the white flower board used for decoration

is the white flower board very good against the background of the black cabinet at the back! Compared with this Chinese flower board is the mural on that wall! These paintings are abstract oil paintings. They are not painted on paper, but on canvas. Here is what I said: the combination of Chinese and western, the combination of ancient and modern

looking at the paintings on the wall carefully, do they have another function? Who can tell

the answer is revealed: these paintings have another function, that is, to cover the cover of the distribution box! And it's not bad at all. It's just covered! PS: thank my designer here, because these paintings, including those seen on the sofa for a while, are all wedding gifts he gave me, which really add color to my family

we then walked inward:

on the right hand side was a black-and-white glass table. Originally, we wanted to match two chairs with black and white, but unfortunately, the black sold out, so we had to buy coffee! But the effect is also good

the picture above is the panoramic view of my living room from the door! The main lamp in the living room is in the shape of a big apple. It is energy-saving light bulb. This is the most commonly used lamp in my family. Of course, energy saving is very important

the floating window is actually my favorite place in the living room! It is also the most expensive place to spend money

first of all, the table top uses imported "tree hanging ice flowers". There are no photos. Imagine yourself! The bay window sill is covered with white window covers. Below, near the window glass, a Chinese ruler is used, and the "bed curtain" of the arhat bed is also painted white. There is a small Chinese Kang Table on the side of the window

now I put a tea set on the small table, and two red cushions with Chinese characteristics are placed on both sides of the small table. Sometimes I will sit here with my husband while drinking tea and chatting

the painting on the sofa is also an abstract oil painting painted on the canvas! Unified with the painted wall entering the door

this is the "location" of my computer, where I can chat online, play games and watch movies! When I didn't have a notebook at home. This position is also very popular

it's very simple here. The chair is the same as the dining chair. Look after the others! What I want to say is the wall here: Black mosaic! My husband and I were skeptical of mosaic when we knew it was going to be used here. Now it seems that the effect is super good. Besides, we are not afraid of wall darkness if we cross our legs and stretch our legs. Of course, we don't have to worry about wall darkness behind the computer monitor for a long time


the dog in the bedroom

or the bedroom

the structure of the cabinet is the same on both sides. My husband and I put our clothes aside alone







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