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Sunshine room style recommendation

editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

sunshine room is also known as "glass room", and the owner can decorate it according to his or her family's interests and hobbies. Decoration should always have an overall style, rather than directly moving in what you like. This will make the sunshine room messy. Today, Xiaobian will introduce several common styles of sunshine rooms

style 1: Mediterranean style. Mediterranean style ancient ocean, flower themed cloth art, and pastoral style rattan chairs are perfect for Mediterranean style sunshine rooms

style 2: Victorian style. This style follows the architectural style of the Victorian court in England. The upper tip below is classical and solemn. Bathing in the sun is the best time to taste tea

style 3: Gothic style. Connecting the wall and the ground is a huge arc, and the arc top sunshine room seems to separate the space. Stretch and enjoy the breath of the morning

style 4: Byzantine style. The glittering and translucent glass and the sunny atmosphere reveal the light of fashion. It seems to create a shining heaven, making people in a dreamlike but non dreamlike fantasy

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