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The overall cabinet Market in China is still in a super blank state, that is to say, the overall cabinet still has a huge market space in China

according to the statistics of authoritative research companies, at present, the overall kitchen ownership rate of urban households is only 2%. In the eastern and southern coastal areas of China, the household cabinet ownership rate has reached 3%, while in the central and western regions, it is only about 0.5%. The overall kitchen sold 460000 sets in 2003, and increased to 760000 sets in 2004. It can be said that the overall cabinet Market in China is still in a super blank state, In other words, the overall cabinet still has a huge market space in China

at present, the competition in the industry is mainly manifested in design, service, innovation, quality, supporting facilities, brand, etc. orderly competition enables the industry to grow healthily and develop in scale. With the intensification of competition, small manufacturers are likely to be eliminated or merged by large enterprises due to lack of quality management experience, lagging marketing technology, system cost management and other reasons, while the scale of powerful and big brand manufacturers is gradually expanding, the influence of brands is growing, and the brand effect is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, large manufacturers in related industries are also optimistic about this fat cow. They are not "envious of fish in Linyuan", but "retreat and network". Many major household appliance enterprises have invested in the cabinet industry

the ambry industry has a low threshold and is labor-intensive, which makes some enterprises or individuals who do not have professional knowledge, lack production equipment and lack funds join the industry one after another. Countless "miscellaneous brands" of "front stores and back factories" rush to land and divide up in advance, resulting in adverse competition phenomena such as "order grabbing", "malicious attack" and "mutual price pressing", which fluctuate with each other, and have a negative impact on the operation quality of the whole industry Customer reputation has caused a great negative impact

just because there is no entry threshold for the cabinet industry at present, the process sales is flexible, creative, and the personality requirements based on the purchase object are large, so the industry doesn't even have a complete industry standard, such as quality standard, size series, style, etc. eight immortals cross the sea and have their own skills. Some even have no standards. Customers can produce whatever they want, The massive use of low-cost and low-quality materials and non environmentally friendly materials has triggered a "price war", and the demand process is full of irregular services and extremely poor product delivery

the vicious competition of "price war" in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. These typical forms of competition in China have led to common products in the market from appearance to function, and low industry concentration, which has seriously hindered the technological upgrading of the industry and the development of excellent enterprises. Kitchen equipment between developed countries has formed a high degree of serialization and standardization, with complete sets, versatility and interchangeability

in China, there is still a lack of perfect supporting specifications among kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances and construction fields, especially in some details, such as the clearance size of the kitchen, the layout form of pipelines and the location of interfaces. The industrialized products of manufacturers often cannot adapt to various situations on site during installation, and need to be temporarily modified. This situation objectively restricts the large-scale production and rapid development of manufacturers, The contradiction between personalization, scale and standardization of cabinets will be the bottleneck of many manufacturers in a short time. Optimistically, everything has its pros and cons! This situation also continues to give birth to the growth and healthy development of China's cabinet industry. With the continuous enhancement of the comprehensive strength of formal enterprises, the whole industry will face a new round of "reshuffle", and small and weak cabinet enterprises will withdraw from the market in the "reshuffle"





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