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Overview and understanding of the development of German printing industry from the second half of the 20th century, the German printing equipment industry has been in the leading position in the world for more than 40 years. In 1950, the output value of the printing press manufacturing industry in the former Federal Republic of Germany was 102.2 million marks, which increased five times in 1960, 32 times in 1980, and reached 9.8 billion marks in 1998, almost 100 times. More than 80% of German printing press products are exported. In 1998, the export of German printing press reached 7.9 billion marks, 150 times that of 1950. 81% of the products were exported to 170 countries. Western Europe and the United States have always been the main export markets of German printing press. In 1998, the Western European market accounted for 48.9%, of which the UK accounted for 8.4%; France accounts for 6.8%; The United States accounts for 16.4%; Developing countries account for 20 8%, of which Africa accounts for 1.4% and Asia 13 1 percent, Latin America 6.3 percent, Eastern Europe 6.6 percent, and others 6 percent 3%。 In 1953, the printing press of the former Federal Republic of Germany accounted for 33. 5% of the world's exports In 1998, the total volume of world printing press trade reached 20.5 billion marks. Germany accounted for 40%, ranking first in the world, followed by Japan and the United States, accounting for 12% and 11.5% respectively

the German printing press has maintained an international leading position for a long time. The reasons can be summarized as follows:

first, it pays attention to continuous technological innovation and has a tradition of innovation. Most of the major international printing technological innovations originate in Germany. In 1436, German Gutenberg invented the lead movable type, which was rated by the new york times as one of the ten greatest inventions that have had the greatest impact on the development of human society and civilization in the millennium, and is the originator of the development of modern printing technology; The steam power printing press invented by Koenig, the founder of KBA company, in 1814, and the CTP (computer to press) technology first introduced by Heidelberg company in 1995. Klaus ckberg, the leader of the German printing press Research Association, believes that the dominant position of the German printing press manufacturing industry in the world is based on its innovation sicraft, and applies certain meaningful knowledge of information and communication technology and series impact experiments to the development of printing technology, establishing a digital process from data input to finished products

second, attach importance to education and training of printing talents. In 1953, the school of printing press and printing technology of Darmstadt University of technology was established to train designers and developers for the German printing press industry and become an educational and research institution for the German printing industry. Since Chemnitz University of technology established the school of mechanical manufacturing in 1953, where self breakthrough and self surpassing were the final goal of the competition, printing machine manufacturing has been its earliest professional training direction. In 1999, it established the school of printing media (PM) and the digital imaging laboratories in Chemnitz University. The research work has been greatly strengthened. In addition to 2 professors, there are 14 scientific researchers. The research projects of the German printing press Research Association are mainly undertaken by Darmstadt and the Institute of Chemnitz University

third, attention should be paid to the development and research of common key technologies, not only the research on lithium recovery. In addition to the development and research of printing equipment manufacturing companies, the German Federal Ministry of economy subsidizes FGD research projects through the Mechanical Research Management Association (VDMA FKM). Since 1995, a total of 40 projects have been carried out, and the projects have been constantly updated. Most of the projects have been carried out for 3-5 years, and some projects have lasted for 10 years

fourth, there are a number of modern printing machine manufacturing companies with a long history, strong development, operation, research and manufacturing equipment and strict management. Such as Heidelberg, gaobao, Roland, etc

fifth, there are several industry associations and organizations. For example, vdma-fdp-fgd, Vdd and printpromotion have established close contacts with the European printing machinery manufacturing Committee (komitee euma-print) and foreign printing associations, printing and media exhibitions to coordinate the relationship between enterprises, make them both competitive and joint, and promote the development of printing technology, product export and international cooperation

sixthly, drupa exhibition is called the Olympic Games of printing media. Wrapping paper can also be used for wrapping. It is not only an important window to show the world German printing technology and equipment and expand product export, but also obtain the latest and most advanced technical information from foreign peers, which promotes the development of German printing media technology


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