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The latest ink technology of major manufacturers has been unveiled.

this year, Canon's high-end products still focus on fine technology. The print head using fine technology is densely arranged with tiny nozzles, which can eject at least 1 microliter of ink in the resolution of 9600dpi x 2400dpi, ensuring that the output pictures can meet the large-size needs and delicate requirements of users. Different from the previous Canon multi-color ink cartridge, the fine technology printer adopts an independent color ink cartridge, so that the monochrome ink cartridge can be replaced separately, which saves more costs. The two self detection methods combined with optical detection and ink drop calculation can enable users to avoid ink waste. The smartled indicator on the ink cartridge will not be on until it is properly installed, which is very practical for the novice domestic plastic machinery industry that has low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties; In case of installation error and out of ink, the smartled will flash continuously

ink cartridge with smartled

in the mainstream market, ink and printer head are combined together, which is called fine cartridge. It can realize the large-scale exploitation and supply of vanadium resources. It can eject 2 Pico liters of ink dots and reach the maximum resolution of 4800dpi x 1200dpi. These improvements have greatly improved Canon's mainstream products' printing speed and quality compared with previous products. When the ink runs out, replace the fine cartridge with a new one to ensure consistent print quality. Without complex operation and maintenance, even users who use the printer for the first time can complete the replacement and printing work independently. Fine cartridge is small in size, which further drives the external design development of the printer - slant design

fine cartridge

fine print nozzle, newly formulated ink and original print paper are combined to form the ChromaLife 100 concept of Canon, in which 100 means 100 years of preservation. That was handed down from generation to generation. The new formula of color ink includes cli-8 bk/cli-8y/cli-8m/cli-8c/cl-41/cl51 and other ink cartridges. The new generation of dye ink is used. The special formula greatly improves the light resistance and ozone resistance of the ink, so it is no longer easy to fade and extends the storage time. Canon ch5 Press the "impact" button, drop the pendulum and break the sample. When the pendulum swings back, press the "brake" button. When the pendulum stops swinging, write down the impact energy romalife 100, so that the pictures in the album can be saved for 100 years, 30 years in the frame, and 10 years if exposed to the atmosphere (mixed gases such as ozone (O3), chlorine oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx)). With the matching of the original paper, the new ink can keep the output pictures sharp in the high temperature and humid environment

in the mainstream products, Canon adds a large capacity black ink cartridge (pg-40/pg50/pgi-5bk) to the ink cartridge. The new generation of segment ink makes the text darker and sharper, improves the water resistance, and can produce better protection on the picture. It is not easy to dry, fade and low cost

among the high-end products, Canon has adopted chromaplus-8 color independent ink system. On the basis of the original 6-color ink cartridge, it has added two colors of orange and green to effectively speed up the ink jet. With closely arranged nozzles, it takes only 65 seconds to print an A3 size picture

in terms of ink cartridge capacity, Canon's black and color ink cartridges are distinguished from high-capacity ink cartridges. The standard capacity is aimed at users with low print density, focusing on preventing blockage and protecting nozzles. The high-capacity ink cartridge is mainly aimed at reducing the printing cost, which is suitable for enterprises or office users with frequent printing density

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