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On January 10, yangyuexin, director of the Evaluation Office of the Nutrition Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the detailed rules for the implementation of the general rules for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food are expected to be fully promulgated this year

yangyuexin introduced the specific measures taken since the implementation of the general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food, saying:

first, the Ministry of health has published more than 70 questions and answers of the general principles in the past few years, which can basically solve the problems of public concern and enterprise implementation

second, the national nutrition label health action education plan was launched. In this plan, five tasks are emphasized, focusing on training, to help enterprises improve their business ability or the ability to implement standards. At the same time, we will carry out publicity and education programs to help consumers understand labels correctly and promote the implementation of labels. Let consumers know the labels. When shopping, they should not only look at the shelf life, brand and price, but also look at nutrition to guide their lives

thirdly, the construction of technical support system has been increased. Under the principle of large standard general rules, technical attention should be paid to the support of protection and operation safety (never operate with gloves or push and pull with hands to help feed) to improve the implementation of standards. The label implementation guidelines have been formulated, and the standard database and standard implementation rules have been completed, which are expected to be issued in full this year

fourth, do a good job of investigation and monitoring to understand how much consumers know about nutrition, how well the enterprise performs, how many foods with high sodium, high cholesterol or high fat are in the market, and how many of the same categories. At the same time, combined with the prevention and control of chronic diseases, it belongs to category 1 of nondestructive testing, which effectively promotes the health of the people

fifth, social mobilization. It is hoped that every enterprise, group and individual will actively participate in this action plan to better promote the implementation of nutrition labels

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