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General requirements for construction safety (I) cadres and engineering technicians of construction management units at all levels must master and carefully implement the provisions of the technical code for safety of construction and installation engineering; Workers of various types of work must be familiar with the safety technical operation procedures of the type of work. All technicians who cannot understand the safety regulations for the construction of the experimental machine by using computers for data processing and analysis, and workers and migrant workers who have not received safety technical training, are not allowed to participate in the construction

(II) in order to achieve safe and civilized production, the construction organization design must be prepared and the construction plane layout must be well prepared before construction. The location of all auxiliary facilities, mechanical installation, transportation roads, water supply and sewerage, power, steam pipelines and other temporary works shall be carefully and reasonably arranged in the site planning of the construction organization design, so as to ensure that the plane and space are not only safe and civilized, but also reasonable

(III) fences shall be set around the construction site, fences and warning signs shall be set in areas with cliffs, steep slopes and other dangers, and red lights shall be set at night. Make the longitudinal axis of the sample coincide with the center line of the upper and lower clamps. The ground on the construction site shall be flat, and the ditches and pits shall be filled or covered

(IV) use the safety "three treasures" (safety helmet, safety belt and safety) as required Any personnel entering the construction site must wear safety helmet

(V) all machinery, electrical equipment and safety protection devices on the construction site shall be complete and reliable

(VI) the tower crane and other lifting equipment must be equipped with a limited safety device. No "sick" operation, overload operation and maintenance during operation are allowed

(VII) high voltage lines are generally not allowed to be erected in the construction site. If erection is necessary, sufficient safety distance shall be kept from buildings and workplaces. The erection of electrical lines in the construction site must comply with relevant regulations. All electrical equipment must be connected to neutral and grounding

(VIII) electric machinery and hand-held electric tools (electric drill, electric planer, etc.) shall be installed with leakage protection devices

(IX) scaffold materials and the erection of scaffolds, Bi Yongxing special steel will be suspended to plan to acquire new energy materials company, which must comply with the requirements of the regulations

(x) protective measures must be taken for all kinds of wind cables, stair entrances, elevator entrances, reserved openings, passage entrances and loading openings

(XI) it is strictly forbidden to enter the construction site barefoot, wearing high heels or slippers, and it is not allowed to wear hard soled shoes and shoes with nails that are easy to slide during high-altitude operation

(XII) explosives, detonators, paints, oxygen and other dangerous goods necessary for construction shall be properly kept in accordance with national regulations

(XIII) sufficient lighting equipment shall be provided in the working place with insufficient natural light or night construction; For construction in pits, tunnels and caissons, there shall be not only common electric lamps, but also lamps with independent power supply

(XIV) for winter construction in cold areas, a heating equipment lounge shall be set near the construction area. All heating and warming measures at the construction site and the rest place of employees shall meet the requirements of fire prevention, safety and health

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