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Development analysis of flexographic printing and flexographic preprint (3)

comparison between flexographic preprint and gravure preprint

flexographic offline preprint is to separate printing from the traditional integrated production line of preprint and corrugation, so that printing and corrugation are not carried out on the same production line, fundamentally changing the shortcomings of high printing cost and low efficiency caused by small production orders in some printing enterprises. We can make appropriate improvements according to the customers' original corrugated production line to reduce customers' repeated investment, so that customers can pre print offline as long as they add flexographic printing and auxiliary equipment

1. less equipment investment. Most of the flexographic printing equipment in the past came from abroad, and the price is not cheap. If you import a set of 8-color 1.5-meter-wide printing machine, you need to invest at least 20million yuan. At present, the investment in a set of "kosco" flexographic offline pre printing equipment accounts for only 10% - 15% of the total investment in imported equipment. While the printing quality remains unchanged, it is more suitable to use domestic raw materials (ink, paper, etc.), and the maintenance is more convenient and the cost is greatly reduced

2. Good environmental protection gravure printing generally uses solvent to dilute ink. Not only does a large amount of solvent volatilize in the production process, but also it consumes 1-2 times more power than flexo printing to dry. A little residue of printing solvent will produce peculiar smell, resulting in waste products and defective products. The flexographic printing adopts water-based ink that meets the international environmental protection requirements, so that there is no pollution in the production process, and the product qualification rate is greatly improved. The plate making adopts non-volatile environmental solvent, and the environmental solvent recovery device is used to recover the waste solvent that enters the main page of the experimental procedure according to the prompt, so as to minimize the pollution of the solvent to nature

3. High printing quality. We recommend using 1.14mm thick plate for precision jjg475 ⑵ 008 "verification regulation of electronic universal testing machine" offline pre printing, and the normal production can reach 150 lines/inch. However, printing on the rough surface paper can still achieve the ideal effect, and its printing quality is comparable to offset printing and gravure printing, which can expand the scope of printing and greatly reduce the production cost. Compared with direct printing in corrugated (60-110 lines/inch), it is a world away, and it will not reduce the strength of corrugated and produce ribs due to the extrusion of printing plate. Because the equipment is more humanized, it is easy to operate and maintain, and the operator does not need to operate the electricity step by step to achieve a satisfactory printing effect

4. the cost of flexo offline preprint is low. Flexo offline preprint brushes the pattern print on the face paper before corrugation, which has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, eliminating the extrusion of corrugated board, and greatly reducing the requirements of face line and core paper; And can save 18% - 22% of raw material costs; The base weight of paperboard is reduced by about 15%. The printing effect of equivalent materials using offline pre printing technology will be more exquisite (generally, the direct printing on corrugated board can only reach 60-110 lines/inch, while the flexo offline pre printing can reach 150 lines/inch, or even higher)

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