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Shanxi determines the development focus of equipment manufacturing industry

facing the actual situation that the overall scale of the industry is small, the profitability of products is low, the ability of technological innovation is not strong, the level of industrial agglomeration is low, the reform and reorganization service lags behind, and the international competition is more intense, Shanxi determines that the development focus of equipment manufacturing industry during the "13th five year plan" period is to optimize six traditional industries, cultivate six potential industries, and enhance five characteristic industries

focus on optimizing the six traditional industries

increase effective investment in key industrial chains, improve industrial technology content and equipment technology level, and promote the development of six traditional equipment manufacturing industries such as rail transit equipment, coal machinery equipment, heavy machinery, automobile, textile machinery, hydraulic system and components to the direction of high-end, large-scale and industrialization

rail transit equipment makes every effort to develop products such as motors, axles, wheels, wheel sets, motors and transmission systems supporting high-speed trains, so as to create and improve the whole industrial chain of electric locomotives and heavy-duty trucks, from raw materials, key parts to finished vehicles; Accelerate the joint reorganization of coal machinery equipment, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and upgrade the industry, comprehensively improve the integration and intelligent technology of coal machinery complete equipment based on the core product "three machines and one machine", and build the largest and world-renowned coal machinery equipment R & D and manufacturing base in China; Heavy machinery aims to improve the independent innovation ability of lifting equipment, excavation equipment, cold rolling equipment, extrusion equipment and special equipment, develop personalized customized services, extend the service chain, drive supporting industries, provide integrated general contracting development, and accelerate the process of internationalization; Automobiles should speed up the development of small displacement and medium-sized micro cars and passenger cars, build a variety of product series, expand the variety series of special-purpose vehicles and heavy trucks, and vigorously promote the centralized development of automobile supporting parts; Textile machinery should increase independent innovation, focus on intelligent manufacturing, and focus on process automation, process control digitalization, and business unit modularization to realize flexible manufacturing of product production, so as to meet the personalized needs of users and the performance requirements of high-quality products, and fundamentally change the situation that China's high-end spinning frames, looms, rotor spinning, chemical machines, and special parts rely on imports; Hydraulic products continue to improve their independent innovation ability, focus on the development and breakthrough of a number of iconic and driving high-pressure hydraulic components and systems, efficient and intelligent hydraulic components and electromechanical integration system, extend the industrial chain, and create a national hydraulic industry base

accelerate the cultivation of six potential industries

vigorously tap the industrial potential, focus on cultivating six major equipment manufacturing industries of new energy vehicles, coalbed methane equipment, electric power equipment, coal chemical equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, and general aviation equipment, and accelerate the formation of new industrial support

new energy vehicles focus on the development of electric, methanol and gas vehicles, promote the core technological innovation of electric vehicles, motor controllers and battery management systems, develop alternative fuel vehicle engine cold start technology and high compression ratio methanol engine technology, speed up the pace of introducing well-known automobile manufacturers to settle in Shanxi, and mass produce as soon as possible; Coalbed methane equipment focuses on breaking through the three key technologies of coalbed methane exploration, mining and storage and transportation, encouraging the development of high-precision exploration, extraction and evaluation of relatively new types of plastic materials, purification and liquefaction and gasification equipment, and building a complete set of equipment production base for intelligent drainage and production system of the whole industry chain; Using the existing foundation of Shanxi Province, power equipment actively introduces strategic partners, focusing on the development of low-temperature waste heat power generation equipment, low calorific value coal large circulating fluidized bed boilers, wind turbines, high-power coal-bed methane generating units, intelligent power transmission and transformation equipment, etc; Coal chemical equipment focuses on the research and development of low-quality coal to olefin, natural gas and coal to oil complete sets of equipment, and constantly improve the design level and manufacturing capacity of synthetic ammonia, synthetic urea, compound fertilizer production equipment and coal tar deep processing equipment, and cultivate the development of large-scale, high-pressure, high-efficiency chemical equipment system integration and general engineering contracting; Energy saving and environmental protection equipment, vigorously develop waste heat, pressure and energy recovery, efficient and clean combustion boilers and other equipment, develop rare earth permanent magnet coreless motors, frequency converters and other high-efficiency and energy-saving electrical equipment, and new sewage and waste treatment complete sets of equipment. General aviation equipment focuses on the development of small unmanned aerial vehicles for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations, and encourages the development of a series of general-purpose helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, from assembly to supporting production

solidly improve the five characteristic industries

focus on using the product advantages of Shanxi Province's energy, raw materials and military enterprises to improve the five characteristic industries, such as electronic intelligent equipment, basic process equipment, material deep processing products, characteristic military products, agricultural machinery, and enhance industrial competitiveness

integrate and innovate a batch of process manufacturing equipment and discrete manufacturing equipment represented by intelligent forming and processing equipment, metallurgical equipment and automated logistics equipment, and accelerate the development of intelligent equipment and robots such as handling and assembly; Integration of basic process equipment Jin 2 Determination of static bending strength and elastic modulus. In order to develop heavy machinery, automobile castings, cast pipes and other supporting parts, the casting resources such as Chengcheng, Linfen, Luliang, Yuncheng, Changzhi, etc., take the national shortage of large and precision castings whose distance from reassuring and worry free medical treatment may be less than a reliable equipment as the direction; Material deep processing products make full use of the advantages of stainless steel, NdFeB magnetic materials, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and other materials, extend the industrial chain, and focus on the development of high-performance NdFeB magnetic steel. 3. Is it the reading of digital display screens (such as WE-B series digital display hydraulic universal testing machine)? Stainless steel and aluminum magnesium alloy auto parts and aluminum magnesium alloy die castings and their deep-processing products; Special military products give full play to the advantages of military enterprises, develop common military and civilian technologies and dual-use equipment, and focus on promoting special military products such as diesel engines, oil drilling tools, turbochargers, pressure vessels, etc; Agricultural machinery will focus on developing special agricultural machinery products such as corn harvesting machinery, irrigation and drainage machinery, household handling machinery, tillage and land preparation machinery, renewable energy utilization machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, and building agricultural machinery product clusters in Taiyuan, Jinzhong, Yuncheng and Changzhi

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