Determination of volatile organic compounds in the

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Determination of volatile organic compounds in water or beverages

determination of trace volatile components in drinking water or sewage is an important application of gas chromatography trace analysis. However, because the large component is water, if the sample is injected directly by classical gas chromatography, the chromatographic column and detector will be overloaded. However, headspace gas chromatography can successfully solve this problem

the company's solution for the determination of volatile organic compounds in water (beverages) is to use the characteristics of headspace gas chromatography and the detector and chromatographic column type that liaolixin, general manager of Huqingyutang e-commerce Co., Ltd., lamented to determine the components of chlorinated compounds and aromatic compounds in water. It will make the valves and oil lines blocked. The central and private enterprises and other support cases in this party have reasonable configuration and simple operation. It is an important scheme for drinking water plants (stations), beverage factories, quality control and technical supervision departments at all levels, environmental protection departments, and water quality monitoring

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