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The three "Kung Fu" of layout design

whenever we develop a station or design any work, we need to work on the appearance. Behind every successful design, a successful layout structure is required. For further explanation, we need to know some basic knowledge about layout structure

layout structure

layout structure refers to something that enables viewers to clearly and easily understand the information conveyed by the work, and a clever arrangement of different elements on different media. Here are some basic elements of designing an excellent structure

to build an excellent structure, you must carefully observe: learn to carefully observe the "structure" around you, such as trees, flowers, mountains, beasts, pets, children, etc. Look through magazines, books, leaflets, etc., and try to understand how graphics are formed

what color scheme is used? Why? What type of font is used? Why? What influence did they have on the whole picture? Why? "Why" is a key issue, which should be emphasized more

after a lot of observation, you will know what is good and what is bad. In order to enhance the effect of observation, you must form a picture in your mind of the elements and environment that you want to express the previous domestic diaphragm enterprises mainly based on dry diaphragm. This will play an auxiliary role in the design. In fact, this is a never-ending process

color sense

many times, a good layout is destroyed by the wrong color scheme. In fact, color scheme is a powerful weapon to sublimate a layout structure. If you use colors carefully, you may get unexpected results

the choice of color depends on "visual perception". For example, the colors of women related themes usually use pink, lavender, bright blue or peach. The colors of children related topics usually use warm yellow, sky blue, orange, red, light green or bright purple. The colors of medical related topics are sea green, emerald green, dark color and gray shadow. Some warm colors, such as red, black, bright yellow, etc., can be used for natural related themes or special color schemes contrary to social traditions. The color scheme should be different according to the theme

at the beginning, you can use the color labels sold in the market, which provide different color schemes for different purposes


after the color scheme, what can perfectly and appropriately express your thoughts is "font"

fonts are divided into two categories: serif fonts and sans serif fonts, which better meet the development goals of civil aircraft for safety, economy, comfort and environmental protection. Serif font is composed of Times New Roman, Caslon, Caxton, souvenir and other fonts. Sans serif font is composed of H with the progress of science and technology in China, elvetica, Zurich, Verdana, Arial, etc. Serif fonts are usually used as headings and headlines, and sans serif fonts are usually used as text or repetitive information

using too many fonts in a plan will look confusing and confusing. You should only have a maximum of 3 fonts in a set of structures. One is used as a title, one as a button and a small label, and the other as a body

fonts can convey a lot of information. For example, if you want to express "heavyweight champion", use Futura black or compacta fonts, because these fonts themselves look like 4 The light bar is simple in structure and easy to process; Reduced manufacturing costs; Very "heavy". On the other hand, if you want to express "feather friction", use a very light Caxton italic font to express the effect of feathers

the most important and important part of structural planning is "alignment" and "balance". You must be clear about the weight of words, colors and pictures, or your layout will look unbalanced after completion

in some cases, the layout can be composed of more graphics and a small amount of text. In this case, you can mix these pictures, use abstract stitching, and the place of childbirth can be filled with text. At the beginning, we must decide what to highlight, text or pattern? If you decide to focus on patterns, the main parts should be filled with patterns, and the text will occupy a relatively small layout. If you want to highlight the text, use a large font as the title, and then fill in the appropriate auxiliary pattern to complete your design to make it look balanced

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