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Development and adjustment of printing and equipment industry

by 2010, the development goal of China's printing and equipment industry is to basically realize the networking of "immediate figures"; Printing multicolor 'high efficiency; Diverse and automatic post press; The 28 character technology development policy of "high quality and serialization of equipment" has brought a new era of cross person digitalization and networking in China

'Prepress digital and networking' refers to that the full digital workflow will gradually replace the analog image and page processing process, so that the collection, processing, graphic assembly, printing (proofing) output and transmission of high-precision, digital color images, until the direct plate making without film, the digital printing without plate, and the post press binding and distribution controlled by computer become a reality, and the digital information processing will gradually occupy the dominant position

'printing multi-color and high efficiency' refers to the development of printed matter from monochrome to multi-color and the continuous improvement of printing efficiency and quality. Therefore, we will vigorously develop the process and efficient equipment that can print multicolor prints in one printing process, and continuously improve efficiency and quality before meeting the requirements of print quality and environmental protection

"post press diversity and automation" refers to post press processing, which is completed by a variety of processes and equipment. And widely adopt automated and mechanized processes and equipment, gradually change the backward situation of manual and semi mechanized production, and fundamentally improve the quality and production efficiency of final products

"high quality and serialization of equipment" refers to improving the performance and quality of printing equipment products, with complete specifications and diverse varieties to meet the needs of various printing

the above 28 character policy was formally put forward in March, 1998, entrusted by the technical transformation Department of the State Economic and Trade Commission, while organizing and completing the demonstration materials of six topics of printing special adjustment of product structure. At present, it has been agreed by the printing industry all over the country. From the situation of drupazo00 printing exhibition, the 28 character policy not only reflects the leading development trend of foreign printing industry, but also fully reflects the current situation and development requirements of China's printing and equipment industry. Practice has proved that the direction of this policy is correct and can stand the test

The 28 word technology development policy includes many high-tech technologies. The process of implementing the 8-word policy after the 2-Ball mobile is itself a process of transforming traditional industries with high technology, a process of realizing high-tech industrialization, and a process of constantly adjusting product structure

The main development goals are:

1. The output value of China's printing and equipment industry is expected to reach 180-200 billion yuan by 2005 and at least 300-400 billion yuan by 2010 at a growth rate of 10%

2. Through the adjustment of product structure, the printing capacity of medium and low-end products is strictly compressed, and the high-end, exquisite and color printing capacity can basically meet the market demand

3. The two-level fixed-point book printing plants, central and provincial (municipal) newspaper printing plants, large and medium-sized commercial and packaging printing plants should basically realize the transition from digital workflow to full digital workflow, and the software of full digital workflow and some input and output hardware should strive to be based on domestic supply

4. The direct plate making system should be popularized and used in central and provincial (municipal) newspaper printing plants, some books and periodicals, commercial and packaging printing plants. The required plates should be basically localized by the end of 2001, and the required laser direct plate making machine should be localized by the end of 2003

5. The printing equipment and equipment industry should cultivate 10-15 national famous brand products (such as two-color, four-color offset printing machines, small offset printing machines, founder printing software, die-cutting machines, binding machinery, high-performance PS plates, etc.) to expand exports and enter the international market. By 2005, the foreign exchange will reach 100million US dollars, and strive to reach 150-200 million US dollars in 2010

6. Designated printing enterprises at the two levels of books and periodicals, central and provincial (municipal) newspaper printing plants, some large and medium-sized commercial and packaging printing enterprises should basically complete the adjustment of enterprise structure, implement the joint-stock system and mixed ownership economy respectively, deepen the reform, and establish a number of powerful large printing groups, newspaper groups, publishing and printing bases, packaging and printing bases, enterprise technology centers High grade color plate making center, etc

content of product structure adjustment in the printing and equipment industry:

1. The environmental protection of the newly-built book and magazine printing industry is an enterprise in the comprehensive utilization of waste resources, which should be strictly approved. The printing capacity of books, newspapers and periodicals in China has increased by 50% over 2000, and the production capacity of multi-color offset printing has doubled over 2000. The qualified rate of spot check batch quality of printed products has increased from 95% in 2000 to 98%, and the rate of high-quality products has increased from 20% in 2000 to 30%

2. Newspaper printing should reform the plate making process, adopt the direct plate making system, increase the layout and expand the color printing ability

at present, the newspaper industry has about 1300 laser phototypesetters, and about 1800 PS version printing and developing systems. It is estimated that 12million square meters of PS version will be consumed in 2000

it is estimated that in the next five years, the newspaper will increase the printing volume by more than ioo billion pairs each year. By 2005, the number of newspapers that can print color newspapers may increase from the current 80 to about 250, and by 2010, it may reach about 5O0

the direct plate making system required by the newspaper industry will have three situations according to the localization of plate materials and laser direct plate making machine:

first, all imports, only a few newspapers with strong economic strength import. There are about Zo households, so-60 imported equipment, and the annual consumption of imported plates is about 200000 ~ 300000 square meters

second, the localization of plates. All major and medium-sized cities in the country and newspaper printing plants with large printing volume can be equipped with direct plate making machines, 300 ~ 4O0 sets, and the annual consumption of plates is about 5 ~ 6 million square meters

third, it is all localized, with a total of about 1000 sets of equipment and 12million square meters of plate material per year. The high-speed multi-color offset press required by the newspaper industry needs to be increased by 120 ~ 15O every year, of which 40000 ~ 45000 and 60000 ~ 70000 per hour are provided by China as far as possible

3. The adjustment contents of packaging printing are: the popularization and promotion of prepress technology, the application of color desktop system, and some large and medium-sized printing enterprises adopt direct plate making system to realize prepress digitization and networking. The proportion of lithographic offset printing used in printing technology reached 45%, the proportion of flexographic printing increased to 30% (currently 3%), the proportion of gravure printing decreased year by year, accounting for less than 20%, and that of other printing was 5%. Printing products should actively develop in the direction of medium, high-grade, diversified and multicolor, and actively develop green packaging printing that meets the requirements of environmental protection and is pollution-free. Paper products printing should focus on developing high-grade cartons and cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight, and promote the application of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems for packaging cartons, so as to make cartons develop into gifts, high-grade and colorful

4. Commercial printing and other printing: special printing should further improve the content of high-tech technology, and improve the quality and grade of securities, stamps, magnetic cards and other prints

anti counterfeiting printing should meet the needs of cracking down on fake and inferior products, promote the combination of anti-counterfeiting technology and printing technology, and further improve the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting printing technology. For example, the combination of high-end packaging trademarks and laser holographic positioning hot stamping technology, printing high-end packaging trademarks, using special laser holographic paper to increase anti-counterfeiting will inevitably affect the experimental results, function and aesthetic effect. The combination of packaging and printing with modern network password technology can improve the function of products suitable for network process and anti-counterfeiting. The use of anti-counterfeiting watermark paper to print trademarks can improve the security of anti-counterfeiting. The use of anti-counterfeiting technology can increase the ability of packaging and printing enterprises to contract business and improve new economic growth points, especially in the anti-counterfeiting market of cigarettes, alcohol, cosmetics, drugs, etc

rapid printing should meet the needs of office automation, on-demand printing and personalized printing, and give full play to the advantages of 'small batch, multiple varieties, high quality, short cycle and high efficiency'. The potential market in this area is very large and the prospect is very good. We should continue to adopt foreign advanced technology and equipment and actively expand market share

5. Printing equipment: we should improve product quality, increase varieties, and meet the needs of high-end exquisite color printing. Specific adjustment contents:

l) accelerate the research and development speed of direct plate making materials, focus on thermal plates and silver salt plates, and develop silver salt plates at the same time. The first step is to strive for the two plates to be put into the domestic market in 2001, and the quality basically meets the requirements; The second step is to further improve and improve, launch updated products, and reach the level of similar products in the international Zo in the late 1990s. By 2005, CTP plate sales will account for more than 30% of domestic plate consumption, forming a new growth point for the enterprise

2) accelerate the large-scale production of flexible resin plates to meet the needs of high-end packaging and printing, and strive to reach about 300000 square meters by 2005

3) accelerate the research and development of high-quality serialization of printing films, adhere to high technology and high starting point, and focus on improving the quality of laser image films and realizing the serialization of multiple varieties of products

4) PS version should solve the contradiction between the excess capacity of medium and low-grade products and the shortage of high-grade products. On the one hand, it should be strictly limited and expand the production capacity of medium and low-grade products. On the other hand, it should actively improve the sand B treatment technology, research and develop high-grade PS version series products, improve the sensitivity, and develop towards high-performance serialization and low pollution

5) ink should further improve the market share of high-end ink products, establish environmental awareness, develop ink varieties with high technical content and high added value, and adapt to the requirements of multi-color, high-speed, fast drying and pollution-free screw grip

6) the manufacturing technology and key equipment of high-speed and high-grade air cushion blanket should be introduced to fill the domestic gap

6. Printing machinery should adapt to the development of multi-color and efficient printing, and vigorously develop the technology and equipment that can print multi-color prints in one printing process. In the next IO years, despite the rapid development of electronic publications, the traditional paper-based offset printing is still dominant and will continue to develop. Therefore, the focus is on the development of multi-color offset printing machines

effective measures should be taken to improve the quality, accuracy and reliability of domestic printing machinery. We should not only actively track the advanced technology of Heidelberg and Manroland, but also be down-to-earth

in addition, we should appropriately develop medium and high-end flexographic printing machines and gravure printing machines in line with national conditions, replace imports, and actively create conditions to research and develop digital printing machines

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