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Based on the high-tech field, develop the "brain" industry

China industrial control industrial control information, based on the high-tech field, develop the "brain" industry --- an interview with Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, head of the business department of Shenzhen zhongweixing CNC Technology Co., Ltd.

based on the high-tech field, Developing the "brain" industry -- Interview with Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, head of the business department of Shenzhen zhongweixing CNC Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen zhongweixing CNC Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development and production of control technology products, independently developing the first domestic embedded motion controller and matching system software. Some products and technologies have obtained national patents and passed the EU CE certification. Now it has formed a full series of CNC products, including motion control cards, motion controllers, stepping motors/drivers, CNC application systems, etc. its compact product line has provided ODM services for special users according to market needs. The products are widely used in national defense, scientific research, teaching, industry and other fields

focus on all for all campaign control, actively carry out products and application programs that are more responsive to market demand, and identify the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta as the company's business development priorities. South China, as the top priority of the all for all business, its market activities are also more active. From June 19 to 21, 2006, at the 10th International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China, the public came to the stage again. What kind of shock does this enterprise, which is renowned for its continuous innovation and the introduction of new products in the industry, bring to us? In this regard, China industrial control interviewed Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, head of the business department of Shenzhen zhongweixing CNC Technology Co., Ltd

based on the industry and constantly expand the application field

everyone is happy. One of the few R & D, manufacturing and brand manufacturers in the servo control field in China's industrial control automation field, their developed products are not only successfully applied in existing fields, but also constantly trying to be applied in new fields. According to the introduction of director Zhang, the exhibition was popular, mainly showing its embedded controller, servo motor, multi axis motion control card, visual control products and the newly developed special control system for turning and milling machines. Among them, the embedded controller products have become the key publicity products of this exhibition, such as adt-ts540 applied in the glue dispenser, welding machine, drilling machine and other industries, and adt-ts520 applied in the printing machine, sealing and cutting machine, glue dispenser and welding machine industries have become the new products concerned by the industry. In view of the rapid rise of small and medium-sized enterprises in China at present, everyone is happy to see great business opportunities, and developed adt-cnc200c simple CNC lathe system. The product has a rich lathe command system, which can be configured with stepping and servo motors. Chinese liquid crystal display, easy to learn operation, large capacity storage, processing of special-shaped large files, configuration of hand pulse and handheld box, real-time operation during processing. And it has the functions of spindle variable frequency speed control and car pattern. Compact, convenient and flexible, RS232 communication, downloadable program processing

cnc200c simple CNC lathe system

the equipment is not used for a long time

"both hard and soft", and the popularity of the public has caused a "brainstorm" in the automation industry

the popularity of the public has become the leader in the field of motion control in China, and its position in the field of motion control has not only been recognized by users, but also favored by peers. Traditional motion control enterprises mainly deal with control communication components, which play a key role in connecting and transmitting the whole system. When standard products fail to meet customer requirements, such manufacturers will face a severe test. The core business of software, which is a control platform that plays a neural role in the brain, is popular among people. Only when the "brain" part effectively controls the operation of the whole system can it be called a whole. According to Director Zhang, zhongweixing began to enter the machine vision market in early 2004, and worked closely with Canada's DALSA coreco IPD to become the general agent of Canada's DALSA coreco IPD in southern China. At the end of 2004, it began to promote DALSA coreco IPD machine vision products on a large scale in China. "Machine vision" is still an emerging industry in China, with a needle Aluminization rate of 93%. It has a high threshold for the "machine vision" industry and a large investment in technology research and development. However, it is also the development and application trend in the field of electronic detection and mechanical processing, and it is popular for all to move from independent research and development to the ranks of agents for the first time. Director Zhang said, "the development purpose of zhongweixing is to achieve customer value. Since machine vision has been successfully used in European and American countries and has also proved to be the trend of manufacturing development, zhongweixing should take over this burden." As an analogy, comparing "transmission parts" to human hands and feet, the "control platform" should be the brain that sends out instructions, and the "vision" system inevitably plays the role of the eye. So far, the industrial giant "zhongweixing" has successfully stood in China's electronic manufacturing and machining markets

"create CNC boutiques and achieve customer value" is popular, and the "lifelong service system"

"customer orientation" has become the development goal of many enterprises, so what conditions can meet customer requirements? In the field of motion control, China is only a seeker compared with European and American countries, so how can we compete in front of international giants such as Panasonic and Yaskawa? In this regard, director Zhang made the following reply

first, as a Chinese local enterprise, zhongweixing not only understands the competition in the global motion control market, but also understands China's national conditions. China's manufacturing industry is mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, and China, known as the "global manufacturing base", is a developing country with small and medium-sized enterprises as the unit. In the face of strong competitors, it is an independent R & D brand, which can not only meet the manufacturing intelligence of small enterprises, but also make each enterprise affordable with modern high-tech equipment

second, customized services. Compared with general transmission control manufacturers, zhongweixing has a smart "brain", that is, the core control platform, which determines that zhongweixing has the ability to provide customized services for application manufacturers. Moreover, zhongweixing is headquartered in Shenzhen and has three branches in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Xi'an in the Yangtze River Delta region, so it has unique advantages in product development cycle, after-sales service and technical support

third, the launch cycle of new products is short. There are two main principles for the launch of new products. On the one hand, on the premise that the original products are widely accepted by the market, new functions are continuously added according to market development and market demand to improve the market competitiveness of end users in their respective fields, which is called the extension of the original products; On the other hand, when the original product cannot achieve its desired functions after market inspection or customer feedback, it will develop new products to replace the original products, which is called product substitution. While constantly launching new products, there are also some unsatisfactory problems, such as the replacement of parts for the products purchased by customers a few years ago. In response to such problems, director Zhang said that zhongweixing provides customers with "lifelong" services. When products are launched, it only supplies new products to new customers, and retains the design and manufacturing of the original products for old customers. Assuming that products with too many years go to the southwest, vehicles can choose Beijing Kunming Expressway to leave Beijing and need to replace parts. Zhongweixing helps customers analyze the market and restructure on the basis of the original products. "Achieving customer value" is the unchanging purpose of making everyone prosperous

take the pulse of quasi market and achieve high-tech industry

before the opening of the exhibition, I heard that zhongweixing was going to Dalian to participate in another exhibition on the 20th. We learned from director Zhang that zhongweixing was invited by Shenzhen high tech Industry Bureau to participate in a high-tech industry software exhibition in Dalian as a representative enterprise of Shenzhen high tech industry, At this point, we also deeply feel that the public interest is not only at the front end of the field of motion control, but also recognized by the government and supported by customers in the high-tech field

Shenzhen zhongweixing CNC Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. At the beginning of its establishment, it focused on the research and development of electronic products and the design of core software. In 2002, seeing the development prospect of the CNC industry in the high-tech field, the senior management invested heavily in the CNC industry. From a dozen people to dozens of people at the beginning, to today's nearly 200 people team and its influence in the industry also proved that the choice at that time was correct and wise. According to Director Zhang, at present, zhongweixing has more than 50 senior professional and technical R & D engineers and more than 20 senior sales engineers. Because zhongweixing pays attention to the connection and communication of various departments, the current office space on the whole floor can no longer accommodate the team expansion caused by the industrial expansion of zhongweixing. Recently, zhongweixing will move to two floors of office space. "If you want to be poor for a thousand miles, go to a higher level". We sincerely hope that the cause of making everyone prosperous will rise to a higher level

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