Development analysis of the hottest acrylic plasti

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Analysis on the development of acrylic plastic bottle

acrylic plastic bottle (6) when refueling, be sure to pay careful attention to the height of the oil when turning to the vertical position. It is a kind of packaging with both the appearance of glass bottle and the characteristics of plastic bottle. Compared with glass bottles, acrylic plastic bottles themselves are a kind of plastic bottles. Environmental simulation test is to carry out impact type while putting composite materials into the environmental room. They have the advantages of plastic bottle packaging, falling resistance, light weight and low cost. At the same time, compared with other plastic bottles, they look similar to glass bottles, showing more texture and grade

it is the combination of the advantages of plastic bottle and glass bottle packaging that acrylic plastic bottles are more popular in the packaging markets of cosmetics, health products and so on. In order to highlight the grade and texture of many cosmetics and health products, glass bottles are often considered for packaging, but the glass bottles are fragile and the cost is high, so it is very reasonable to use acrylic plastic bottles for packaging. However, a prominent problem of acrylic plastic bottles is that the recycling rate of plastic bottles made of this material is very low, and the recycling level of acrylic has always been at a very low level, which is urgently needed to be solved

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