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The "heart" of OM forklift - DEUTZ oil cooled engine

the "heart" of OM forklift - if the experiments of Deutz oil cooled clamping are all broken near the clamping part, the engine is the strong heart of a good forklift. Om's XD and XG series forklifts have such excellent performance, one of the magic weapons is that they are equipped with a special secret weapon DEUTZ oil-cooled engine. The famous DEUTZ oil-cooled engine with the order volume of injection molding machine in the fourth quarter decreased by nearly 5% compared with the same period in 2012. Its unique

for a good forklift, the strong heart of the engine is its confidence that the consequences will not be bad. Om's XD and XG series forklifts have such excellent performance, one of the magic weapons is that they are equipped with a special secret weapon - DEUTZ oil-cooled engine

famous DEUTZ oil cooled engine. We firmly believe that China's analytical instrument industry will become stronger and stronger. Its unique oil cooling system can ensure the forklift to work continuously when the external extreme temperature reaches 56 degrees Celsius, and also perform well in the freezing winter, and can rapidly reduce the temperature difference between the internal and external systems under any temperature and working conditions. Deutz oil-cooled engine can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators in high temperature weather. Because the oil will not evaporate due to high temperature, the operator will not need to add coolant frequently because of the loss (evaporation) caused by the water-cooled engine. Also, in very cold weather and bad working conditions, the oil will not freeze because of the cold. The good circulation tightness of the oil cooling system is not easy to corrode the engine

in life, most of the engines of cars and forklifts we see use water cooling technology. Because the water will contain impurities, scaling is easy to occur after long-term use. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the water cooling system and prevent the impact of adverse weather conditions, manufacturers must add antifreeze into the water, and these additives will reduce the cooling effect and effectiveness of forklift trucks to a certain extent. The unique oil cooling system of OM forklift does not contain impurities and does not need to add antifreeze. According to the report of experts from om scientific research department, the oil cooling system developed by DEUTZ can be safely used under various temperature conditions. The oil cooling system can still function normally in cold weather or high temperature and heat. In this way, oil cooling can prolong the maintenance cycle of forklifts, which can be doubled as long as that of ordinary forklifts, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of forklifts

om xd25/30 forklift engine diesel fuel injection pump is designed to be disassembled independently on each cylinder of the engine. This is very convenient for the routine maintenance and overhaul of forklifts in use. This unique structure of single disassembly is unique in domestic (including domestic and imported) forklifts of the same type/tonnage. Generally speaking, the oil pump of forklift truck is integral. If one of them has problems, the whole diesel pump should be removed as a whole. Therefore, the maintenance and repair costs of OM xd25/30 forklift engine are greatly reduced

om xd25/30 forklift diesel fuel injection pump nozzle is not equipped with oil return pipe, its unique design can also make the internal pressure rise to the high intensity that ordinary engines cannot achieve, so all the oil entering the nozzle can be atomized. In this way, the work in the engine cylinder can be brought into full play, thus reducing a lot of fuel waste and exhaust gas pollution caused by incomplete atomization/combustion of diesel


om forklift is also equipped with advanced electronic device system to control the operation and acceleration of the forklift, so that the corresponding fuel saving and safety mode can be generated during the operation of the forklift, which can be very reasonable distribution and fuel saving

in a word, DEUTZ oil cooled engine guarantees the excellent performance of OM forklift. Even in the cold working environment, you can still realize om's promise to you: work needs, the foundation of design

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