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Baijiu: how long can the packaging last editor's note: the prosperity of China's liquor industry has effectively promoted the development of the packaging industry, but the sense of direction of the development of the packaging industry seems to be a little vague, too lack of personalization, which requires Baijiu enterprises to reflect

according to the famous DuPont law, about 63% of consumers are based on the packaging and packaging of goods. 2 Biomedical and medical device materials are purchased upon decision. This article does not start by quoting laws to flaunt the scientificity of the article, but it does not want to discuss whether various laws are scientific or in line with national conditions. I just think that at present, China's Baijiu manufacturers have indeed survived more than 30000 in China because of the effectiveness of this law, especially 20% of high-end products have earned 80% of profits because of good packaging. All these prove the popularity of changing packaging in the white wine industry, and the vast majority of Chinese consumers are in the range of irrational consumption

in fact, packaging is only a part of marketing, because packaging is more intuitive and easy to identify than the marketing system, which makes people jump out of the embarrassing situation of many puzzles about marketing, so it is popular. However, all links in this chain are on the edge of fracture, and so far, the whole is still not tempered, but focusing on the packaging link. It is time to recognize the direction of the packaging industry (especially Baijiu packaging) which has been used for 20 years and developed for more than 20 years

following the trend of Baijiu packaging should highlight differentiation

speaking of Baijiu, it must be called "Mao Wujian", which is Matthew effect, and this article is not refined, because they have too many fans. No matter how irrelevant some packaging of "Mao Wujian" is, 90% of Baijiu still follows, which is an undeniable current situation. Maotai always takes flying sky as the standard pattern. I don't know the origin of Maotai and Dunhuang culture. National liquor carries the word "country", so it can't be used so casually if you like it. It was not until the advent of Maotai "VIP special" that the dawn of national wine was seen, but the tune was too high, and civilians looked up at the sky and sighed. Baijiu overlord Wuliangye highlights its domineering style in color. All sub brands use gold, red and unintelligible W. is this called the principle of consistency

fortunately, Jin Liufu has appropriately integrated the two most ethnic colors and Fu culture, otherwise the actions of the "frontier officials" of the king of the operation inspection of the beam of the plastic tensile testing machine will be really good. Jinjiannan of Jiannanchun has the flavor of "Tang Dynasty palace wine, prosperous Jiannanchun". However, the Jiannan family and the five golden flowers learn from each other, and the mountains and rivers are bright red, like a drunk man who has drunk seven meat and eight vegetables. He has long left the important task of leading the industry Flag brand outside the jiuxiao cloud

Packaging: grasp the eternal theme of culture

If a brand is a beauty, quality is her physical quality, connotation is her brand culture, and packaging is just her clothes. The grand first tier products are like supermodels walking on the T-shaped stage in inappropriate clothes, but they have few good physical qualities and curves when they adjust the temperature control table to 0 ℃, and they have become famous, which can cover up the ugly. This can still lead to changes in the trend: the glass of Wuliangye makes the supermarket bright; Jinjiannan's hemp rope makes the restaurant full of ropes; Maotai's Mao shaped bottle has long been the primary magic weapon of Maotai town. However, do Baijiu people who follow the trend think that they have no fame and no curve, and why they should be arrogant and swagger behind big brands

it is a little gratifying to mention the packaging of "Shuijingfang" and "shede". What is fascinating about this kind of packaging is not only that "Shuijingfang" has established a milestone in the packaging of Chinese Baijiu with the combination of crystal bottles and five elements, nor is it that "shede" has led the popularity of packaging by reversing the tradition and taking the edge, but also follows the eyes because of the cultural connotation of beauty (brand), but culture is eternal

Baijiu sells added value, especially high-end Baijiu as a luxury consumer goods. Cultural wine is only played by "literature, history and philosophy". Shuijingfang is a thorough "historical wine", but Shuijingfang is by no means a poem named culture without knowing which corner was dug up. A heartfelt statement "calling for peace and making civilization sustainable" is enough to shock the hearts and minds of any cultural person. Shuijingfang is higher than Wuliangye and Maotai, which is natural and natural. "Shede" is a successful example of philosophy wine. Although the great wisdom presented between shede is not comprehensive in the specific market operation, it seems to be a thorough understanding by infiltrating the high-altitude philosophy into the wine cup and extracting the word "shede" to make the finishing point. It is really not out of the right. Both of them have the most intuitive appearance since they were listed - they have not changed their packaging. Because the packaging is based on their cultural core and brand foresight, and there is no need to change because of popularity. The new changes in EU regulations are the consequence of fast food culture. Baijiu has long been divided into the sunset industry. This elderly man who is now in his seventies doesn't know when he can no longer dance hip-hop, dress up and play cool, and attract attention

if 3-5% of the brand packaging of sugar and wine in the past focused on the combination of packaging and culture, then 10-15% of the brands at this year's Chengdu sugar and Wine Fair have changed. The increase of this number is another gratifying phenomenon. Although there are some differences and discounts in the combination of culture and too many deficiencies in the extension of culture, it shows that there is a trend in the recognition of brand culture in the industry

Baijiu Enterprises: forging quality and integrated marketing are the key

from bottle labels to white cards and gold cards, to handmade boxes of cardboard, wood boards and PVC, and then to metals, bronze medals and plexiglass that play to the top. Due to the limitations of cost and color used in industry regulations, the path of packaging pattern change is gradually narrowing. Last year's feeling was very little. This year, many bosses consulted about marketing planning and sent an increasingly strong message. The days when a package came to the world have passed

Maotai and Wuliangye established two historically sold brands with bold price increases in the 1990s, which directly reflected that high price = high grade, which is still effective; Drunkards can carry the banner of the so-called "cultural wine" and rise in Western Hunan with sacks, humorous names and the promotion of a literati; Little muddle headed fairy brushed the edge of Maotai Town and imitated P & G's terminal interception, leading to the decisive terminal, which is lively to this day; After Jinliufu borrowed his fame, he quickly climbed to the fourth place by holding the network channel. These beautiful myths will no longer reappear. Price, culture, terminals, channels, just grasp one point of marketing, that is, the days of success have become a thing of the past

I'm not sure whether the cultural identity can reach as much as 30% next year, but one thing is certain. The show of ideas is out of date, waiting for the beginning of integrated marketing. In China, the current integrated marketing can only be called combination marketing, or the initial stage of integrated marketing. After all, a good beginning is half the success. Only when there are more shorties can we choose a real general. It's not that there is an unrestrained expectation of improvement for the problems of the industry, and it's not a good thing to reach a height that ordinary people can't reach. However, we have obtained the most rare development opportunity for more than 300 years since Kangxi. The development of the industry and the rise of China need time. It still ends with "a long way to go", which inevitably leads to a feeling of impassioned lament. The spirit of "foolish old man moving mountains" is good, but is there time to do useless work? Competition inevitably leads to others' runs. Some people are shouting and our compatriots are jumping. How much time can we waste

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