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How is the glass ceiling lamp installed on the top

ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp. As the name suggests, it is called ceiling lamp because the upper part of the lamp is flat and the bottom is completely attached to the roof during installation. The glass ceiling lamp is the most popular glass product in recent years. Because the glass ceiling lamp is crystal clear, dazzling appearance and cost-effective quality, it is strongly loved by the majority of users. In our home decoration, lamps and lanterns are one of our essential daily necessities. Glass ceiling lamps have unique characteristics compared with other lamps and lanterns, so they have absolute advantages, Then I'm also curious about how the glass ceiling lamp is adsorbed on the roof. Let's have a look:

installation steps of glass ceiling lamp

1. The two wire ends connected with the power incoming line of the ceiling lamp should have good electrical contact, and they should be wrapped with black tape respectively, and a certain distance should be maintained. If possible, try not to put the two wire ends under the same metal sheet to avoid short circuit, Danger

2. If the screw cap is used in the ceiling lamp, the following two points should be paid attention to in its wiring:

① the phase line should be connected to the terminal of the central contact, and the zero line should be connected to the threaded terminal

② the insulating shell of the lamp cap shall be free of damage and electric leakage to prevent replacement of the lamp. The calculation formula is: electric shock during bubble

3. Ceiling lamps are suitable for rooms with high floors or vibrating ceilings. When installing the ceiling lamp in the masonry structure, the pre rule should be used. The sample embedded bolt must be removed from the waist area, or fixed with expansion bolt, nylon plug or plastic plug; Wooden wedges shall not be used. And the bearing capacity of the above fixings shall match the weight of the ceiling lamp. To ensure that the ceiling lamp is fixed firmly and reliably, and can prolong its service life

4. When the expansion bolt is used for fixing, the bolt specification should be selected according to the technical requirements of the product, and its drilling diameter and embedding depth should be consistent with the bolt specification

5. Teach children not to throw balloons and other objects at lamps indoors, so as to avoid falling decorations hanging on lamps and hurting people or affecting the decorative effect of lamps and lanterns. During installation, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the lamp and installation connection. The connection must be able to bear the weight equivalent to 4 times of the lamp without deformation

6. The headroom of the ceiling lamp is very small, and its effect is like being attached to the ceiling. For the space with low floor height, thinner lamps can be selected; For the space with high floor height, cylindrical lamps with a certain height should be selected. For some spaces with large room area, you can also choose a unified and variable ceiling lamp design and matching, which will produce a new artistic effect of light environment

7. Ceiling lamps cannot be directly installed on combustible objects. Some families use painted three plywood lining behind the ceiling lamp for beauty. In fact, this is very dangerous, and thermal insulation measures must be taken; If the high-temperature part of the lamp surface is close to combustibles, thermal insulation or heat dissipation measures should also be taken

8. Before the installation of ceiling lamp, it should also be checked:

① the cross section of the conductor core leading to each lamp, the copper core flexible wire is not less than 0.4mm2, and the copper core is not less than 0.5mm2, otherwise the lead wire must be replaced

② the connection between the wire and the lamp cap and the parallel wire between the lamp caps should be firm, and the electrical contact should be good, so as to avoid the danger of sparks between the wire and the terminal due to poor contact

9. For ceiling lamps equipped with incandescent bulbs, the bulbs should not be close to the lampshade; The power of the bulb should also be selected according to the technical requirements of the product, and should not be too large, so as to avoid splashing down and hurting people after the bulb temperature is too high and the glass cover is broken

10. The number of bolts for fixing the lamp holder shall not be less than the number of fixing holes on the lamp base, and the bolt diameter shall match the hole diameter; For lamps without fixed mounting holes on the base (self drilling during installation), each lamp shall have at least 2 bolts or screws for fixing, and the center of gravity of the lamp shall coincide with the center of gravity of the bolts or screws; Only when the diameter of the insulation table is 75mm or less, one bolt or screw can be used to fix it

are you still curious about how the glass ceiling lamp is adsorbed on the roof? I believe that after reading the above content, you have already got the answer to your curiosity about how to install the glass ceiling lamp on the roof, and have a further understanding of the glass ceiling lamp. I hope the above knowledge can help you understand that its safety control concept is prevention first

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