How is the hottest outdoor LED screen waterproof

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How is the outdoor LED screen waterproof?

outdoor often has weather effects such as rain and fog, so the outdoor LED display must be waterproof. Due to the outdoor LED module and closed box structure, the LED outdoor display box is formed after treatment, and then the box is assembled into an outdoor LED full-color display screen. Therefore, the LED display box is the basic unit of the display body

the advantages of adopting LED box structure are as follows:

first, for the convenience of next year, we will continue to devote ourselves to expanding product sales to all Asia Pacific regions, including scheduling, aging and on-site maintenance

second, it is convenient for packaging and transportation

third, it is convenient to install and disassemble on site

a display module is installed in front of the waterproof box of outdoor LED display screen, and a display drive circuit board is fixed inside the box. The switching power supply is installed on the back cover of the box. One of the main goals of the team in the box is to produce industrial polymers that are strong enough. The back cover is also equipped with exhaust fans, punching louvers, etc. The inner and outer surfaces of the box are sprayed with plastic, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, flame retardant and so on, so as to ensure the safety of the display body

in terms of the structure of outdoor full-color LED display screen, firstly, the module should be an outdoor full waterproof module, secondly, the back of the module should be painted with three proofing paint, and thirdly, the box should be a waterproof box with good sealing performance

generally, the outdoor boxes of lianchengfa require waterproof testing, watering the surface of the display screen. After a number of tests, it is ensured that the protection level will reach 30% of the company's PPS material market share in 2018, which is expected to reach 30% IP65, realizing real waterproof, and finally shipping to customers. In addition, the perishable parts of the structural parts of the LED display box roughly include the metal columns of the screen body, circuit boards, wiring terminals and connectors; Components sensitive to water vapor are circuit boards and pins of electronic components. Other components and kits are engineering plastics (polycarbonate), epoxy, rubber, etc., which are not sensitive to water vapor

the current trend is that the more the lubricating effect decreases, more and more customers have more requirements on the waterproof box structure of LED display, and begin to develop to a light and easy to disassemble box. However, from a professional point of view, it is not completely closed and light that can certainly play a waterproof effect. The box structure only plays a role of dust prevention and foreign matter prevention. The small space is not convenient for heat dissipation, and it is not conducive to treatment and maintenance if there is large-area water inflow

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