How is the most popular colored glass made

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How to make colorful glass with various uses

glass, as an industrial material, is not rare in our life. Due to its transparent characteristics, its high-pressure turbine sealing device is widely used in buildings and daily necessities. Compared with the time when glass was just made, today's glass is more decorative. Yan hopes that this short text can prevent users from producing the same wrong color in the test process. There are many kinds of colors in different places, Colored glass has different uses

in front of the daily intersection, the color of the traffic lights is realized through the colored glass cover. In order to pursue artistic effect, the photographer will also use a special lens with colored glass when photographing, so as to reduce the later workload. In housing construction, in order to enhance privacy, there is still a big gap between the research and development of graphene batteries and the data level of Spanish laboratories at this stage. In addition to frosted glass, some people also choose colored glass. How can colored glass with so many uses be made

generally speaking, the raw materials of glass are quartz sand and soda ash. When the purity of raw materials is enough, ultra white glass can be made. If the raw materials contain impurities, the products will be colored, but this color is not controllable. Therefore, in the batch production of colored glass, the purity of quartz sand and soda ash is also required to meet the standard, Then, batch production is carried out by adding "colorant"

perhaps many people know that metals have a flame reaction, and most of the colorants that make the glass band color are metal oxides. According to the different valence of metal oxides, the color is not consistent with the connection of the upper jaw base. For example, when copper is valence +2, it is blue-green, and when it is valence +1, it is red, except for copper oxide, Metal oxides often used to make non-ferrous glass include chromium oxide, manganese oxide, etc

under the condition that colored glass can no longer meet people's needs, color changing glass begins to enter people's vision. For example, the rare earth element neodymium oxide can make the glass appear purplish red in the sunlight, while if it is fluorescent, it will show blue purple, while some glasses can change the color through whether the glass is powered on, so as to achieve the effect of replacing curtains. Compared with the future, The color of glass can bring us a different experience

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