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How is the inkjet printer applied in the building ceramics industry

introduction to inkjet printer

inkjet printer is an automatic identification device that marks the product information on the surface of the product (or package)

inkjet printer is divided into continuous ink supply (CIJ) and on-demand ink supply (DoD). CIJ system is usually referred to as small character inkjet printer, while DOD system is large character inkjet printer and high-resolution image inkjet printer

the small character (CIJ) inkjet printer continuously shoots ink from a jet hole, divides the ink into many small ink dots through the vibration of the crystal, and then carries the hand-held measurement with you, through high-voltage charging (generally the charging voltage is hundreds of volts), and finally forms deflection through high-voltage electric field (thousands of volts), so as to complete the scanning of characters, and finally spray the characters on the product

large character (DoD) inkjet printer adopts solenoid valve, which is generally divided into 7 points and 16 points. According to the needs of characters, open different solenoid valves at different times to shoot ink, and finally form characters. It usually needs external pressure

anti interference design is adopted in signal collection.

high resolution (DoD) inkjet printer. The formation principle of characters is the same as that of large character inkjet printer. The difference is that the high resolution image nozzle has many spray holes, most of which are more than 100, and the ink supply method is completely different from that of large character inkjet printer. Large character inkjet printer adopts solenoid valve, while high-resolution image inkjet printer no longer adopts solenoid valve. The ink supply principle generally adopts crystal oscillation to form a pressure difference between crystals, and finally squeeze out the ink and spray it on the product surface. Therefore, the printing distance of high-resolution image nozzles generally does not exceed 10mm

current situation of building ceramics outer box and product identification

most of the current identification methods of building ceramics are traditional identification methods:

1. When pressing, some brands and trademarks of products are directly pressed on the bottom of products with molds

2, manual stamping and marking


using mold pressing is not conducive to the development of product diversification. Each product must have a corresponding mold, and the manufacturing cost and management cost of the mold are particularly prominent. Manual stamping, manual production speed is low, personnel management is complex, and the output is greatly limited

environmental characteristics of building ceramics production site

1, humidity

2, multi dust

3, large power noise

application of inkjet printer in building ceramics industry

inkjet printer, as a new identification equipment, has incomparable advantages in building ceramics labeling:

1, inkjet printer is controlled by single chip microcomputer, and the printing content can be changed and adjusted at any time. Generally, it can store multiple pieces of information, and the information can be modified freely. Lj3200 can store up to 200 pieces of information

2. It can be sprayed with numbers, Chinese characters and trademark patterns

3. Mark the product information on the product in a timely and accurate manner

due to the environmental characteristics of the production site of building ceramics industry, small character (CIJ) inkjet printer is difficult to be applied and popularized in this environment. The high-voltage electric field of the small type machine is easy to be broken down in a humid environment, causing high-voltage ignition, breakdown and other faults. The high voltage is unstable, and the printing effect is not ideal. Moreover, large dust and power supply noise are mostly the reasons for the failure of small character inkjet printer. Large dust, easy to block the nozzle, large power supply noise, easy to cause interference, resulting in inaccurate charging of small character inkjet printer, so that the characters sprayed are unstable. We have done experiments. The failure rate of small character inkjet printer used in the production site of building ceramics is much higher than that in the food and beverage industry. Compared with the food and beverage industry, its failure rate is more than 10 times that of the food and beverage industry

due to its fundamental principle, the company hopes to solve these problems after adding graphene nano materials. Lj3200 adopts patented 'NZ' technology to effectively prevent nozzle blockage. It is easy to use and maintain. Ordinary mechanics can deal with their basic faults well through training

large character inkjet printer has been more and more popularized and applied in the building ceramics industry. Now, ceramic automatic production and packaging lines imported from abroad are equipped with large character inkjet printer

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