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Front line of people's Livelihood: how hot is the 12306 Spring Festival transportation

figure: 12306 voice service customer service personnel accept the consultation

"I want to buy a ticket, and I want a ticket to Beijing..." came the ringing female voice

"sorry, madam, this is consultation, and tickets are not sold." Sun Yan politely interrupted each other

"aren't you booking tickets this year?" The other side asked

"yes, but 12306 is consultation and complaint. You can call to book tickets. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Sun Yan said

"I dialed, and there is no service. Can you let that also set up manual services?"


during the new year's day this year, the incoming call volume of 12306 voice service reached 66818 times, which was 29% of the whole month in December last year and 1.2 times of that in November last year. Those who buy tickets, complain, and inquire about the pre-sale period... 12306 has become a "Spring Festival travel" worthy of the name

there are 1600 connections per hour

on January 5, as soon as I walked into the hall of Beijing Railway Customer Service Center, I heard the bell ringing one after another. In front of 70 machines, the customer service representative wore a headset, faced the computer screen, and had his own hot issue information on his hand

Beijing Railway Customer Service Center was put into operation on January 19, 2011. At present, this kind of liquid crystal polymer fiber in the center is produced by kololi Co., Ltd. in Japan. Its main functions include three parts: first, providing service information to the public on the 12306 network platform; Second, set up a customer mailbox on 12306 to accept inquiries, complaints and suggestions; Third, set up the national unified 12306 voice service, provide information query and manual services, and accept passenger complaints, inquiries and suggestions. Among them, 12306 voice service has attracted the most attention since the end of last year

many passengers reported that 12306 has been popular for a long time, and it is really difficult to connect. In this regard, Xu Rui, deputy director of Beijing Railway Customer Service Center, said that since the end of 2011, the railway has launched a number of new service measures, such as online ticket sales, real name ticket sales, and so on. People are very concerned about it. Therefore, since December 19 last year, the incoming call volume of 12306 began to surge

"now it is the peak period of traffic from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. at present, there are 12306 voice and manual services, and the number of manual incoming calls alone is as high as 1200 to 1600 per hour, which is equivalent to 267 calls per minute." Xu Rui said

since the customer service personnel must be the backbone of the railway system, the number of such business personnel is limited, so the 67 customer representatives and several team leaders in the customer service center have to increase the work intensity and extend the working hours. In addition to staggering meals, each meal must be finished within 10 minutes. Everyone should try to drink less water and reduce the number of toilet visits. "I can't finish drinking a bottle of water a day, mainly because I don't have time to drink, for fear of delaying the connection." Just after hanging up the next four minutes, customer representative Wang Lifen licked her lips and took the next one. "Hello, 12306..."

online ticket sales complaints account for half

on January 4, 1.797 million tickets were sold by railways across the country through interconnection and booking, accounting for 31% of the total ticket sales. As the proportion of tickets sold by online booking in the total ticket value gradually increases, the consultation and complaints about the difficulties of online login, frequent busy lines, and the non arrival of refund money have also become a hot spot, of which the complaints about online ticket sales account for half

on the morning of the 5th, customer service representative Jinfeng received a complaint that lasted for 14 minutes and 47 seconds. Finally, Guo Xu, the head of the complaint team, had to be invited to solve it

"The customer said that in mid December, he returned the ticket through the Internet, and it was supposed that the refund should be paid back to her account within 15 days, but now the refund has not arrived. She was a little excited and kept repeating it without the intervention of the customer service representative. We understand the passengers' mood very well, and we won't interrupt abruptly at this time. For the questions we can't answer, we will also contact the relevant departments, and we will definitely give her a reply before work. ”Guo Xu said that since new year's day, the complaints have been concentrated on paying for tickets but not booking tickets. However, the total number of complaints is no more than 30, which is still relatively small in the overall number of complaints

according to the regulations, after passengers complain, 12306 customer service will transmit the relevant complaint information to the R & D organization of 12306 station and the railway fund settlement department. The fund settlement department will keep in touch with the relevant departments of the bank, and check whether there is a deduction and whether the payment has been received at any time through the order number for the import of 300million cubic meters of timber. If the data transmission is normal, the refund should be completed within 15 working days

"we attach great importance to passenger complaints. Not only should we have feedback on each complaint within 24 hours, but also we will make statistics and analysis of customer complaints. This is an important first-hand information for the railway department to understand the market demand. For improving services, the" 1035 "plan outline issued in March 2016 points out that we should vigorously support the development of strategic new industries for decision-making." Xu Rui said. People

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