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"ZigBee technology application research project in highway monitoring" passed the acceptance

the application research project of ZigBee technology in highway monitoring undertaken by Xi'an Highway Research Institute traffic engineering successfully passed the acceptance meeting organized by Shaanxi Provincial Department of transportation, and the expert group unanimously agreed that the project reached the advanced level in the industry

ZigBee technology is a wireless connection technology with low complexity, low cost, low power consumption and low rate. It can be regarded as a branch of IOT that has attracted much attention in recent years. It has broad market prospects in the field of intelligent transportation and intelligent engineering. This subject studies and analyzes the relevant data at home and abroad in recent years. From the special road safety monitoring, it also increases the difficulty of selecting surface roughness when working on experimental machine parts, the realizability of wireless sensor network, hardware design of equipment, embedded operating system and application software. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, Wireless connection is realized between the information prompt boards of the North-South approach of Sutong Bridge, so as to achieve the information exchange between boards or between multiple boards. During the more than one year of undertaking the research, the research group has completely relied on its own scientific research strength to overcome the bottleneck of optimal transmission path algorithm, rapid system recovery and large amount of data transmission from hardware manufacturing to software development, and catch up with domestic and foreign peers in many aspects. This subject passed the appraisal of Jiangsu Provincial Science and technology consulting center in March, 2009, and there is no similar research report in China. IOT has become the focus of attention in recent years, and is regarded as another wave of information industry after computer, Internet and mobile communication. As a branch of IOT, ZigBee technology has a great market prospect in the field of intelligent transportation and intelligent engineering

with the expansion of the road, how to make the expressway achieve its fast and safe goals, how to provide better services to road users, and how to build a harmonious traffic is an urgent problem for highway managers. In the process of highway construction, many projects have implemented the highway monitoring system at the same time, but there is no mature and referential precedent for highway safety status monitoring. Due to the growth of highway traffic time, due to the actual demand, it is necessary to add some monitoring content, such as tunnel safety monitoring, environmental factors such as temperature, taking out the sample, inspecting and recording the fracture morphology characteristics of the sample, humidity, light, smoke, road surface temperature, road surface vibration and harmful gases (such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.) will affect the drivers and tunnel structure in the tunnel, resulting in accidents. ZigBee wireless sensor network can not only monitor the changes of the tunnel site environment, but also locate and guide the overloaded vehicles and dangerous goods vehicles in the whole process, and transmit the site environment and location to the control center, so as to take measures on site in time. Slope safety status monitoring uses sensors such as soil temperature, humidity, pressure, stress and wireless technology to collect slope status parameters in real time and give early warning

this technology establishes an environmental parameter database based on the data collected from the on-site environment, analyzes and mines the data, and reveals the law of environmental change, so as to take timely measures to deal with environmental change on site, provide a scientific basis for late warning and control, and also provide modern management means for the management department

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