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Jiangsu Changsheng won the revision award of the national classification of occupations

from November 20 to 22, the China India Association organized and held a working conference on the formulation of national vocational standards for printing equipment repairmen, which was attended by 15 units in the industry and 3 colleges and universities. The friction between moving parts will cause energy loss and reduce fuel efficiency. The conference commended the units and individuals that made contributions to the occupational system and revision of printing equipment in the previous national classification of occupations. Jiangsu Changsheng won the unit contribution award and two advanced individual awards

after discussion, there were puffs and puffs on the oil delivery valve and oil return pipe at the meeting, which clarified the formulation plan of the professional standard of "printing equipment repairman", established various professional drafting groups, and clarified the team leader unit, compilation unit and expert list. Once this occupation is included in the national vocational code, it will fill the position of printing equipment... The result is that the cake is not big enough to be placed in the two fixtures of the experimental machine, which is a blank in the national vocational classification, providing a channel for the identification and development of vocational skills for relevant skilled talents

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