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Jiangsu Chenyang superfine powder packaging new technology comes out

at present, several superfine powder packaging equipment developed at home and abroad are mainly horizontal spiral packaging scale, valve pocket scale and vertical spiral packaging scale. Generally, there are still phenomena such as large packaging bag size, unable to stand after filling, slow packaging speed and serious dust pollution in the working environment, which have brought great inconvenience to users, This is because the particle size of ultrafine powder is very small (5 μ m) The guide rail of waw ⑵ 000d microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine contains a lot of air in the material. To pack, it is necessary to first solve the problem of degassing the powder material, and then reduce the dust flying and improve the packaging environmental conditions. Up to now, none of the powder packaging machines produced at home and abroad can satisfy the users of ultra-fine powder. Users finally returned to the original manual packaging state, with low packaging efficiency and great labor intensity

the dcs-c special packaging system developed by Jiangsu Chenyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has added vacuum degassing device and anti dust flying mechanism on the premise of ensuring continuous automatic weighing accuracy and packaging speed, which solves a major packaging problem for ultra-fine powder manufacturers

dcs-c special packaging system adds vacuum degassing device and anti dust flying mechanism on the basis of horizontal spiral packaging and vertical spiral packaging. Its main features are:

1. Vacuum pre degassing is carried out before ultra-fine powder enters the packaging and feeding, so that the stacking density of materials is increased and the air content is reduced

2. Add sandwich vacuum degassing and mechanical exhaust devices (such as variable pitch spiral structure) in the process of packaging feeding to further degass the materials

3. After the materials enter the packaging bag, the tubular plug-in vacuum degassing is carried out, so that the stacking density of ultra-fine powder materials finally poured into the bag is greatly increased

4. In the whole process of material flow, all connections are fully sealed and equipped with breathable separation devices to realize gas-solid separation

5. The feeding mechanism and the packaging bag move relatively to realize no drop packaging. In addition, in the process of material flow, the third is to implement four random sampling methods for grading blanking to ensure that the drop is very small

6. Where the materials must be open, there are dust vents connected to the dust remover

to sum up, dcs-c special packaging system solves a major problem that ultra-fine powder cannot be automatically packaged in the packaging field for a long time. Its technical level has reached the international leading 20% point completion, which is the gospel of ultra-fine powder manufacturers

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