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The Xinsong robot R & D and production base of tianxinjun in Jiangning intelligent manufacturing sector was settled

on the 16th, the Xinsong collaborative robot R & D center and production base project invested and constructed by Xinsong group, a leading enterprise in the domestic intelligent manufacturing field, was signed and settled in Jiangning Development Zone. In the future, the project will be built into a collaborative robot R & D and production base radiating the whole country

it is reported that Xinsong company is a high-tech listed enterprise focusing on the unique technology of robots and committed to the manufacturing of digital intelligent high-end equipment. It is the first development history of battery extrusion testing machine with the most complete robot product line in the world, and it is also a leading enterprise in the domestic robot industry. At present, the total market value of the company ranks among the top three in the international industry, and the growth robot industry ranks first in the world. The project of Xinsong collaborative robot R & D center and production base signed and settled in Jiangning Development Zone is built by Zhongke Xinsong Co., Ltd., the international headquarters of Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. Cooperative robot is a typical representative product of the new generation of intelligent robot, which has the characteristics of flexibility, rapid deployment, human-machine cooperation and so on, and has opened up a new application direction in the development of intelligent manufacturing. In 2017, the State Council included human-machine collaboration in the development plan of the new generation of artificial intelligence, and the Ministry of science and technology listed the development of human-machine collaboration robots as an important direction for the development of the intelligent robot industry. Zhongke Xinsong Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of a new generation of collaborative robots. It has completed the research and development of single arm, double arm, composite and a full series of collaborative robots, and many technical indicators of the products have reached the world's leading level

the project of Xinsong collaborative robot R & D center and production base to promote the academic prosperity, discipline development, technological innovation and industrial progress of China's non-ferrous materials is an important measure for Jiangning Development Zone to achieve a new breakthrough in attracting investment, improve the quality of projects and strengthen the main battle of entities, and inject new momentum into the modern industrial system of the park. In recent years, Jiangning Development Zone has been fully integrated with the surface of the sample, surrounding the goal of building a national level intelligent manufacturing two zones and one center, and vigorously developing the intelligent manufacturing industry. At present, it has gathered more than 100 intelligent manufacturing enterprises, such as Nari Jibao, Phoenix Contact, Easton robot, changfuma engine, etc., creating 2 The working environment for the placement of instruments should maintain 15 clean smart workshops and 13 municipal smart factories, accounting for half of Nanjing and ranking first in the city

at the same time, Jiangning Development Zone has also built 8 new intelligent manufacturing R & D institutions represented by Jiangsu MEMS Intelligent Sensor Research Institute and Nanjing Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Technology Research Institute, as well as 13 provincial and municipal industrial design centers and nearly 20 intelligent manufacturing consulting and solution providers. The number of intelligent manufacturing expert teams and new R & D institutions is leading in the city, and has become a provincial manufacturing innovation center. The output value of intelligent equipment in Jiangning Development Zone has exceeded 50billion yuan, and is accelerating towards the scale of 100 billion yuan, initially forming a number of leading enterprises, key technologies and core products

according to the implementation plan for Nanjing to build a famous smart manufacturing city in China, Jiangning Development Zone will accelerate the convergence of smart manufacturing industries, promote the development of digitalization, networking and intelligence of regional manufacturing industry, and improve the level of industrial manufacturing intelligence. By expanding the scale of intelligent manufacturing industry, creating an innovation highland of intelligent manufacturing industry, vigorously developing high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment, and accelerating the construction of demonstration intelligent factories, the scale of intelligent manufacturing industry in Jiangning Development Zone is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan by 2020, striving to create a national intelligent manufacturing industry agglomeration area, application demonstration area and manufacturing innovation center. (correspondent Wang Qiang, Zhang Xi)

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