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The application prospect and problem analysis of personalized printing market II

3 difficulties in the promotion of personalized printing in China

personalized printing has great potential in China's market, China's national quality is constantly improving, and the economy is developing at a high speed, which makes people begin to pay attention to "personalization"

relatively speaking, although China's personalized printing market has developed in recent years, it has been slow and unsatisfactory. A foreign printing expert commented on China's printing market, saying that China is a market with price orientation. The high price of digital printing equipment has become an important reason to prevent Chinese printers from entering personalized printing. Not to mention indigo and Xeikon with hundreds of thousands of dollars, even Xerox digital printing equipment with hundreds of thousands of dollars is a little difficult for Chinese personalized printing enterprises. Although some enterprises have made bold attempts at personalized printing, their business conditions are not ideal

another and the most important reason that hinders the development of China's personalized printing industry is that at present, the products produced by Chinese enterprises are mainly used for small and medium-sized engineering projects. The first is the concept of printer. Although personalized printing is a new form of printing, like traditional printing, it needs professionals to operate. However, due to the constraints of the inherent concepts of traditional printers, they often have doubts about this new form of printing and are unwilling to engage in personalized printing. Some people who are optimistic about the personalized printing market, because they don't know the profession, often can't make customers full of part of the lightweight solution, which affects the normal development of personalized printing

in addition, many printers have not realized that personalized printing is also a profit point. Another strange view is that the personalized printing business is too fragmented to be invested. Relevant people pointed out that this is actually still caused by the traditional printing concept. Although the individual business of personalized printing is not large, the demand is strong and the market profit is considerable. The second is the concept of the majority of social members. For a long time, due to the influence of traditional printing concepts, most people have formed a deep-rooted idea: printing can only do business in large quantities. They do not know that the development of printing technology has already made personalized printing a reality. At the same time, the number of personalized printing enterprises in China is small, and most of them are small, so they are unable to invest too much money in publicity, which also leads to the fact that personalized printing cannot be known, familiar and accepted by everyone for a time

the main obstacles to the promotion of personalized printing in China are:

① the price of imported equipment is high. The key equipment and consumables of personalized printing depend on imports, and the investment is too large. For most printing plants, investment is a problem, and the cost of personalized printing is too high

② conceptual problems. There is a significant difference between Chinese and Westerners in the pursuit of personalization, which is reflected in the choice of products, that is, what the factory produces, most people buy, and there are few personalized requirements. Although the situation has changed in recent years, there are still not many personalized needs. Personalized printing itself is a new thing. There is no demand in the market, and the supplier will not invest in it, which affects the promotion of personalized printing in our country

4 the market prospect and business opportunities of personalized printing are unlimited

the market of personalized printing mainly exists in the following three areas:

① with the rapid economic development, the personalized demand for various manuals, commercial advertisements, conference materials, etc. will increase significantly

② product personalized service. In order to establish the relationship between products and customers, some manufacturers need to make a personalized brochure for some products to provide customers with one-to-one services

③ services for business houses. There are many business houses in China. They often need different advertising, packaging, promotional materials, etc. to contact different customers, which is also a big market for personalized printing

we might as well settle such an account. Taking the personalized wedding invitation as an example, according to the figure disclosed by an industry insider, the gross profit per piece is 4 yuan. Guangzhou wedding invitation alone, personalized printing of the annual ABS self-report: the market capacity is 7million yuan, gross profit of 5.6 million. According to statistics, taking Guangdong Province as an example, there were nearly 100000 units of various types in 1999. If half of them need to print products or other promotional materials, each household has an average of 50 copies, 10 pages each, and the total printing volume is 25million pages. According to the price mentioned above, the capacity of this market is 12.5 billion yuan, with a gross profit of 100million yuan. Considering many other businesses, such as industry bidding, publishing house sample books, proofing, recipes, etc., the market capacity of personalized printing is unlimited. No wonder some insiders pointed out that the emergence of personalized printing has revealed a new "profit zone"

most insiders are also optimistic about the future of personalized printing. Short print represents the development trend of the future printing industry. In the future, a large number of printing businesses will be less and less, and small batch short print (personalized printing) will become the main driving force to promote the development of the printing industry. Under the general trend of global energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of domestic new energy vehicles will continue to be hot, and the demand for high-end automotive aluminum alloy products will also maintain a stable growth

5 personalized printing industry still needs to be developed

although the prospect of personalized printing is so attractive, from the current development situation, it is far from mature in China

the key problem now is still to have more industry insiders and printing enterprises invest in it to add impetus to personalized printing, turn the potential market into a real industry, and open up a new profit point for themselves. The market potential of this industry is still great, and up to now, only 1% has been developed

but it is obvious that compared with the huge market potential of personalized printing, the current attention and development enthusiasm of the printing industry are far from enough

personalized printing is an important part of on-demand printing, and it is also an important part of the on-demand development of the information industry. The potential market is very huge and has a better development prospect. However, in terms of technology, the lack of support from relevant national industries and the dependence on imports of key equipment will hinder the rapid development of personalized printing in China. Perhaps, like the automobile industry, the development strategy of first introducing, cooperating, then digesting, absorbing, and finally developing and innovating is a way out for China to develop personalized printing. (Huang Fang)

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