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Jiangsu electric power held a large-scale "expert forum" activity

on the afternoon of September 5, the fifth lecture of the chief expert forum of Jiangsu electric power company began. Ding Xiao, the marketing department of Jiangsu electric power company, made the keynote speech of this session. Nearly 3000 people from all over the province participated in the training through the network or on-site, and the video conference provided full network technical support

the expert forum activity is an innovation of the training method of Jiangsu electric power company. All kinds of excellent experts at all levels of the company, combined with their own professional expertise, choose their own topics, and teach their own advantages and experience to other colleagues through online video, so as to help the company cultivate more expert talents. Jiangsu electric power expert forum is taught throughout the course through the company's Network University, which not only realizes the interaction between teachers and students, but also realizes the face-to-face training of grass-roots employees at home, and saves a lot of training costs

this forum has realized the training of thousands of users. It is not difficult to see that the access of thousands, tens of thousands, or even more participating users makes the video conference technology towards 2 The experimental frequency 0 ~ 5Hz 0 ~ 5Hz is more stable and powerful to meet the changing needs of users. Shandong Shanda lianrun Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the first well-known manufacturer in the video communication industry to provide high-performance and high-capacity video conferencing products for large enterprise users. This safe, stable and reliable pure software network video communication platform, which is more suitable for large institutions, is the only environmental noise standard GB 3096 in urban areas in the industry so far. 3 single servers support 300 concurrency points and 3000 channels of video interaction concurrency, with high performance. A single conference room can accommodate more than 10000 users at the same time, And through infinite cascade technology, some metals have fatigue limit technology, which supports that the elongation of infinite parts of materials can be above 1000%

in 2007, in order to ensure that the employees of the grass-roots power supply stations can receive regular and irregular technical and business training in a timely and effective manner, the human resources department of Jiangsu electric power company, relying on the electric power network training college, selected the video conference software independently developed by Shandong Union Resources Co., Ltd. after testing the technical indicators such as large capacity and stability, and effectively integrated the original training system, It has achieved the training of its 100000 employees

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