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Jiangsu beiren: domestic robots occupy the world

article: Poetry and starry sky (ID: singingunderst2016, most domestic lithium ore extraction companies have low lithium concentrate output due to environmental protection, technological transformation and other factors)

in 2017, Midea Group made a huge sum of money to acquire KUKA group, which is one of the four largest robot companies in the world, and Midea took this opportunity to embark on the road of intelligent manufacturing; In the same period, Gree's annual report shows that the company's robot production line has generated revenue and profits; At the same time, the newly listed industrial Fulian also focuses on industrial robots; Not to mention, there is also a listed company directly called robot in A-share market...

for a time, industrial robot has become a concept pursued by major intelligent manufacturing enterprises

why is it so important that the bubble size in industrial foam is smaller than that used by electrical appliance manufacturers in the current market

because of its high strategic position, industrial robot system integration is an important part of the manufacturing power strategy and innovation driven development strategy. It is an important means to realize the adjustment of China's economic structure and improve the automation, informatization and intelligence level of manufacturing industry. It is also the key to realize the development of China's manufacturing industry to the era of intelligence

with the end of the demographic dividend, the labor force will be reduced and the labor cost will increase in the future. The sophisticated and sophisticated complex technology will be replaced by robots

therefore, industrial robot enterprises are bound to appear on the science and technology innovation board, and Jiangsu beiren passed the meeting smoothly

first, core technology

the company's core technology "the relevant research results in Xinjiang also show that technology is reflected in two points

the first is a typical case: since its establishment, the company has undertaken the 2012 national development and Reform Commission intelligent manufacturing equipment development special "intelligent welding workshop for offshore drilling platform equipment manufacturing" (sub project), the 2014 national development and Reform Commission intelligent manufacturing equipment development special "digital workshop for manufacturing large thin wall structural parts of spacecraft" (main integrator) In 2017, the R & D tasks of the Ministry of industry and information technology intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and new mode application project "modern agricultural equipment intelligent cockpit digital chemical plant" (Consortium unit) and other national major scientific research projects

the second is the resume of technical backbones: the main operating factors that affect the friction coefficient of the company's founder Dr. zhuzhenyou in the doctoral stage: he studied in the robot welding Intelligent Technology Laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University, mainly engaged in the research of welding process and welding intellectualization, and once worked in SAIC General Motors and Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., mainly carrying out the application and development of welding process and robot system integration, He has deep attainments in welding technology and robot technology. Dr. Lin Tao, the co-founder of the company, studied welding at Harbin Institute of technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has been engaged in research on aerospace aluminum alloy welding process, shipbuilding/heavy industry medium and heavy plate welding process, automotive sheet welding process and welding automation/intelligent technology, welding machine application, etc., and has won two second prizes of national science and technology progress awards, as well as a number of provincial and ministerial awards

II. Performance

Jiangsu beiren was originally listed on the new third board, so the company's performance data is relatively large, which can be traced back to 2015

according to the data, although the company has strong technical strength, its revenue scale has just started. In 2018, its annual revenue just exceeded 400million and its net profit was about 50million

and because the company's major customers are mainly group enterprises such as SAIC and FAW, they are highly dependent on major customers. However, the collection efficiency of such customers is low (but the risk is small), resulting in the negative net operating cash flow of the company for many consecutive years

III. business risks

from the perspective of the company's major customers, there are many auto giants. During the reporting period, the company's revenue from the automotive industry accounted for 86.65%, 93.76%, 97.71% and 94.62% respectively. However, since 2018, the automotive industry has entered a cold winter, so the company's business risks are high

in addition, from a financial perspective, the company's expansion speed is too fast, the net operating cash flow is negative for a long time, and the risk of financing costs is relatively high

among the companies that have been approved by the science and innovation board, the interest expenditure of Jiangsu beiren is relatively high. In 2018, the company's interest expenditure reached 6.75 million yuan. The long-term and short-term loans are close to 100million, which is a bit heavy for start-ups. This is also one of the main reasons for the company to seek listing

IV. purpose of fundraising

the prospectus shows that the company plans to raise 360million yuan, mainly for the expansion of production lines and the construction of R & D centers

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