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Jiangsu 2008 college entrance examination simulation paper (life and philosophy, cultural life)


this paper includes three parts: single choice questions (questions 1 ~ 33, 33 sub questions, a total of 66 points), brief analysis questions (questions 34 ~ 36, 3 sub questions, a total of 36 points), and inquiry questions (questions 37, 18 points). Candidates answer all the questions on the answer sheet, which is invalid on this test paper. The examination time is 100 minutes. After the examination, the invigilator should take back the answer card

Volume I (multiple choice questions, 66 points in total)

I. single choice questions: among the four options of the following questions, only one is the most consistent with the meaning of the question, with 2 points for each sub question, a total of 66 points

1. Everyone must have a moment in his childhood, perhaps on a summer night, when he looks up and suddenly finds the vast starry sky. At this time, a mysterious sense of awe will arise in his heart, and a huge and ancient philosophical problem begins to knock on his mind: what is the world? Therefore, some people say that philosophy starts from looking up at the sky. This shows that

a. the wisdom of philosophy comes from people's subjective emotions. B. philosophy comes from people's questioning and thinking about practice.

c. the purpose of philosophy is to satisfy people's curiosity. D. philosophy is the art of guiding people to live a better life.

2. The following are about philosophy, world outlook The correct way to say the connection between specific knowledge is

a. philosophy is the unity of world outlook and specific knowledge

b. philosophy is the scientific world outlook and specific knowledge

c. philosophy is the theory of world outlook, the generalization and summary of specific knowledge

d. philosophy determines the world outlook, The world outlook determines specific knowledge

3. The fundamental difference between materialism and idealism is whether to recognize

a. the world is generally connected and changes and develops. B. the world is particularly suitable as a testing instrument for controlling product quality on the production line. One is material

c. consciousness has a reaction on material quality. D. the world can be recognized

4. A ship encountered a storm during navigation and gradually sank. The captain shouted, "who will pray?" A priest on the ship volunteered to answer, "I will!" The captain said, "well, please start praying! Everyone else put on lifebuoys and wait. Because it happened that there was a lifebuoy missing!" The Enlightenment of the above materials is

A. We should adhere to dialectics and oppose metaphysics B. We should be serious in doing things

C. We should treat people and things around objectively D. We should adhere to materialism and oppose idealism

convenient clamping

5. The society produced by Marxist philosophy The class foundation is

① the development of European capitalism in the middle of the 19th century ② the proletariat stepped on the historical stage with independent political power ③ the development of natural science made important achievements ④ philosophy and social sciences have accumulated rich data

a. ① ② B. ③ ④ C. ① ③ D. ② ④

6. in the view of Marxist philosophy, Matter is

a. the smallest indivisible particles that make up things B. visible and tangible entities

c. objective reality that exists independently outside human consciousness D. a summary of all the specific characteristics of everything

7. Mr. Hu Shi once said in his answer to the questions of learning and research, "Imagine boldly and verify carefully." Mr. Hu Shi's academic experience tells us to

A. adhere to the unity of proceeding from reality and seeking truth from facts

B. adhere to the unity of giving full play to subjective initiative and respecting objective laws

C. We must emancipate our minds and keep pace with the times. D. We must respect objective conditions in doing things

on the eve of the National Day in 2007, The Preparatory Committee of Hubei Province for the 8th China Art Festival received a special exhibit. The 108th Beijing Science and Technology Expo "technical service promotion meeting for verification and comprehensive evaluation of domestic testing instruments and equipment" was held a few days ago. The exhibit is a paper-cut work entitled "back to my mother's house" (as shown in the right picture). The author is Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the people's Republic of China. Answer questions 8-9

8. Due to the limitations of materials and tools, paper cutting cannot adopt realism in dealing with images, but more emphasis on freehand brushwork: grasp the main part of the image, boldly discard the secondary part, so that the main body is clear at a glance. In the same mother's house, the outstanding twists and turns intensity - in the twists and turns experiment, there are two characters, a float, and the float has only one wheel. The image of the work is exaggerated, concise, beautiful, and full of rhythm. This shows that

a. artistic creation emphasizes starting from artistic imagination

b. realism cannot produce real art

c. artistic creation does not need the authenticity of details&

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