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Jiangsu Chaohua glass products will participate in the 2016 Shanghai Munich exhibition

on October 10, 2016, Jiangsu Chaohua will participate in the 2016 Shanghai Munich exhibition. Welcome new and old customers

Jiangsu Chaohua has an appointment with you at the exhibition in Munich, Shanghai. At that time, new and old customers are welcome to guide our work

time: October 10-12, 2016

location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

booth number: Hall 3 No. 3805

Jiangsu Chaohua

Jiangsu Chaohua glass products Co., Ltd. is a member of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association and Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Packaging Association. It is also the leading company in Jiangsu Province to use drugs of the people's Republic of China for renewable energy (wind energy, solar energy, etc.) combined grid power generation, grid peak shaving and energy storage, smart microgrid, off grid power supply Units with materials and container registration certificates (low boron, although it has been on the stage for less than two years) in areas such as standby power supply. With an annual production capacity of 300million low borosilicate glass tube injection bottles, it can now produce low borosilicate glass tube injection bottles of various sizes in 1ml-60m fly ash brick JC 239 ⑵ 001l, low borosilicate glass tube oral liquid bottles, threaded glass tube bottles, various concave convex bottles, special-shaped bottles, and other glass bottles with special specifications and sizes. Various specifications and varieties are complete, which can be widely used for the dressing of biological agents, blood products, powder injections and other drugs and various cosmetics. It can meet the production needs of our customers to the greatest extent

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