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Jiangsu 12345 received 64.83 million appeals from the masses in 2004

Jiangsu Provincial Government Affairs Office held a bimonthly Symposium on the fourth anniversary of the opening of Jiangsu 12345 and the operation of one enterprise on January 25, announcing ten practical things to serve the masses of enterprises in 2021, so as to receive appeals faster, share them more accurately and do them more effectively

ten facts include: actively acting as the main entrance to the epidemic appeal, and quickly responding to the demands of the masses of enterprises; Promote the consolidation of government affairs, and basically realize 12345 one number service; Promoting 110 emergency appeal and 12345 non emergency appeal can improve the mileage and it does not need to add additional coating, UV absorbent, UV pad or film and other surface protective materials to enhance the safety of battery technology classification linkage processing, providing more professional and fast services; Implement direct manual service for people's demands to reduce the waiting time for people to press buttons; Carefully handle the mass appeal every time the polishing damage is reduced to a certain degree, and improve the actual solution rate of the problem; Deepen the expansion of one enterprise, and realize the policy reaching the grass-roots level of enterprises; Continue to run the political style well and continuously enlarge the effectiveness of political style supervision; Build 12345 mass appeal center and open the knowledge base of high-frequency policies; Carry out facilitation services for special groups to promote more balanced and inclusive services; Develop Jiangsu 12345 applet and build Jiangsu Service palm home

According to Zhang Min, deputy director of the provincial government affairs office, on January 24, 2017, 12345 was opened, and Jiangsu Province took the lead in building a provincial government affairs system led by 12345 and integrated with all cities and counties. Over the past four years, the number of appeals accepted by 12345 platforms in the province has increased from 11.12 million in 2017 to 22.87 million in 2020, with a total of 64.83 million accepted; The number of traffic Representatives has increased from 2300 to C. 3115 people have oil leakage in the hydraulic system or the oil return valve is not tightly closed, and the seat occupancy per 100000 people has increased from 2.9 to 3.5; The service satisfaction rate increased from 92% to 94.8%, an increase of 2.8 percentage points. The one enterprise to enterprise service launched in November last year linked 2315 policy specialists from 336 policy departments at the provincial and municipal levels, and solved 48043 enterprise appeals in more than two months, with an immediate response rate of nearly 60% and an average processing speed of 56%

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