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Application prospect of powder coating in coil coating

for coil coating, powder coating has always been an important potential attraction. At present, liquid organic coatings or water-based coatings are often used, but when they are tried to be applied to new market areas, they encounter many adverse factors

market advantages

one of the disadvantages of using liquid coatings is that, The coating thickness shall not be greater than 1.0 mils (one thousandth of an inch, equivalent to 0.001 "or 0.0025mm) , PVC material is not included here. For coil coating, the household washing market is particularly attractive, because it is suitable for the production of materials with a thickness of 2 mils, and has a coating structure with uniform quality, good appearance and nonlinearity. From the two structural parts of the shell and rotating drum on the coil coating machine, it has been proved that the coating effect of the coated coil material is not complete

for precise painting, it is very difficult to use liquid paint. For example, the electronic consumer market, such as DVD, VCR and satellite control equipment box, is a typical field that requires precise structural coating. Some finer structures can be obtained in a coil production line, but due to the high level of on-site nonconformity, the tension between the coater and the processing equipment is the most. The coating used is sometimes suitable, but normal processing and material changes usually produce a higher failure rate than the conventional level, which prevents the product from becoming a profitable product for both consumers and suppliers

for the above applications, the use of powder coating can easily meet the requirements. The use of powder coating has the characteristics of uniformity and simple use. However, this may become more important for the most complex coil coating machine that does not seem to produce qualified products with liquid coil coating

through a simple understanding of most powder coating sheet production lines, it can be seen that in many applications, powder coating machines are facing competition from coil coating machines, with a trend of weakening competitiveness; This is because when the coil coating machine is configured, it has more investment effects and better technical resources

environmental advantages for a long time

for most coil coating machines, it is precisely because coil coating has the characteristics of larger market space and more potential customers, which is enough to stimulate the expansion of their production capacity. However, the advantages of using powder coatings still exist. Every coil coating machine in every country spends a lot of money every year to meet the requirements of environmental protection. The percentage of actual expenditure in sales can vary from region to region; But the same thing is that this figure continues to grow faster than revenue growth. In this way, it can be seen that their business scale cannot continue and significantly improve the LED lighting effect, which usually leads to profit contraction. The bad news is that the trend of this expenditure will not end in fact, but the good news is that there is now powder coating

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