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Jiangsu chemical enterprise pollution tracking: 3 people are controlled

Jiang Zengjin remanufacturing technology research and development and industrial utilization Jiangsu chemical enterprise pollution tracking: 3 people are controlled

April 25, 2018

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April 22 news. Recently, CCTV exposed the environmental pollution problem of illegal and illegal discharge of industrial wastewater and chemical waste in three chemical parks in guanhekou, Yanwei port, Dugou port and Chenjiagang, Jiangsu Province. After the broadcast of the program, the Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department held an emergency meeting overnight and set up a small task force on data dispersion to thoroughly investigate the environmental problems reflected in the program together with the local government

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Chen Zhipeng, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of environmental protection: we set up a 31 person task force that night, including chemical experts, monitoring personnel and law enforcement personnel, who rushed to the scene of the incident overnight. We were divided into three groups and went to three parks to conduct a thorough investigation of all enterprises

subsequently, the Jiangsu provincial Party committee and the provincial government set up a joint investigation team to thoroughly investigate problems related to pollution, illegal and illegal discharge, inadequate supervision and so on. At the same time, the relevant departments are required to strengthen the investigation and punishment, and resolutely shut down and investigate the enterprises that violate the regulations and fail to meet the production emission standards. Do not pollute GDP, and resolutely protect the ecological environment

chenzhipeng, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of environmental protection: our department of environmental protection is very resolute, does not protect weaknesses, and faces problems directly. If there is a problem, investigate and solve it. At the time of entry, 89 of the 266 enterprises (three parks) were in production, and now only 28 are in production

Zhang Qiyin, member of the Standing Committee of Guanyun county Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lingang Industrial Zone, Lianyungang City: the pollution problem reported by CCTV this time has exposed many deficiencies in our work. It is beneficial for users to master the use skills of the instrument in time. In the next step, we will intensify efforts to thoroughly clean up

excavate along the river bank to check the hidden sewage pipes

the day after the program was broadcast, the task force mobilized multiple excavators to excavate the exposed areas along the river in the chemical industry park to check the hidden pipes. At present, a hidden pipe secretly buried by an enterprise has been dug out, and the police will control the enterprise involved

Yin Kun, deputy director of the office of the fourth environmental Commissioner of Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department: the environmental protection department requires the territorial Government to immediately organize forces to excavate the area where there may be hidden pipes. The scope of excavation is required to cover the park, and all areas along the Xinyi River directly opposite to the entrance to the sea. The excavation depth is required to be 8 meters below the level (above the processing method). The provincial environmental protection department sends a working group to supervise on site

the task force mobilized a total of 30 excavators to carry out carpet inspection on the three chemical parks of Yanwei port, Duigou port and Chenjia port

a hidden pipe was dug out, and the enterprise involved was controlled.

at present, suspected hidden pipes were dug near the upstream of the Beihong estuary of Yihe River in Guanyun county. The task force mobilized third-party forces and used professional equipment to lock Lianyungang Yongrun Chemical Co., Ltd., which privately set up hidden pipes

Li Wei, clerk of the supervision office of Lingang branch of Guanyun County Environmental Supervision Bureau: after we found the concealed pipe, we used the signal of the anti jacking device to track it all the way to the sewage pool of Yongrun Chemical Co., Ltd. 3 kilometers away. The whole concealed pipe was U-shaped, with a maximum depth of 30 meters and a diameter of 110 mm

the three persons involved in the enterprise have been controlled by the police and the enterprise has been shut down

it is understood that at present, the task force is conducting a comprehensive investigation of all enterprises in the three chemical parks that have environmental pollution problems, starting with the environmental management accounts, monitoring equipment, sewage treatment facilities and hazardous waste storage of enterprises, one by one, to find possible environmental pollution problems

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