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Jiangsu determines the key points of agricultural mechanization work in 2017

in order to do a good job in the key work of Agricultural Mechanization in 2017 and promote the healthy and rapid development of Agricultural Mechanization in the province, recently, the Provincial Bureau studied and formulated the "key points of agricultural mechanization work in the province in 2017". In 2017, the Provincial Bureau focused on 22 key tasks in 9 aspects

I. actively implement various supporting policies for agricultural mechanization

(I) improve and improve the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. According to the general idea of "ensuring key points, making up for weaknesses, reducing quotas and controlling excess", optimize the distribution and distribution of subsidy funds, and dynamically adjust the scope of machine and tool items and subsidy standards. Improve the operation process and supervision measures, study and formulate internal control system, and improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy. The regulations on handling violations of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy products in Jiangsu Province were issued to strengthen the supervision of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy production and marketing enterprises, and improve the sequencing and standardization level of illegal investigation and handling of Cheng Shanying paper () in the first quarter of 2019

(II) comprehensively implement comprehensive agricultural machinery insurance. Implement the requirements of the notice on further promoting agricultural machinery insurance with the cold weather issued by the Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau in conjunction with relevant provincial departments, innovate policy publicity methods, strengthen work coordination and cooperation, standardize insurance and claim settlement procedures, and comprehensively promote comprehensive agricultural machinery insurance

(III) explore and study the scrapping and renewal mechanism of agricultural machinery. We will improve the subsidy policy for scrapping and updating agricultural machinery, optimize the workflow, promote the balanced development of scrapping and updating of agricultural machinery in all regions, and promote the upgrading of agricultural machinery and equipment

II. Vigorously promote the construction of demonstration provinces for the whole process mechanization of grain production

(IV) actively carry out the construction of demonstration counties for the whole process mechanization of grain production. Conscientiously do a good job in the first batch of 15 grain production mechanization, and promote the construction of the demonstration counties in the second year as a whole. According to the requirements of the project planning, strengthen technical guidance, strengthen supervision and inspection, and strengthen the promotion to ensure that the objectives and tasks are completed on schedule by the end of the year; The second batch of demonstration county construction projects for the overall promotion of the whole process mechanization of grain production were launched, and the construction plans for more than 18 demonstration counties for the overall promotion of the whole process mechanization of grain production were implemented. Guide all cities to carry out the creation activities of demonstration townships (towns), villages and demonstration films for the whole process mechanization of grain production, so as to form a good atmosphere of full launch and overall promotion in the whole province

(V) accelerate the whole process mechanization of grain production to "make up for weaknesses". Give full play to the driving role of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and agricultural mechanization reward and subsidy policies, accelerate the completion of the three weak links of mechanized planting, efficient plant protection and grain drying, and realize the assembly, integration and overall promotion of mechanized production technology in all links. We will continue to organize and carry out a series of activities with the theme of promoting the whole process mechanization of grain production in the province, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the level of agricultural machinery and equipment. Conscientiously summarize the experience of the whole process mechanization of grain production, so as to provide reference for the promotion of the whole province

III. accelerate the mechanization of efficient facility agricultural production

(VI) strengthen the technological innovation of Agricultural Mechanization in characteristic industries. Optimize the investment direction of provincial agricultural machinery "three new" project funds, and start the construction of more than 20 high-efficiency facility agricultural mechanization R & D and demonstration and promotion projects. Focusing on advantageous leading industries, we will strengthen cooperation in variety selection, planting mode, facilities, etc., and formulate and issue technical routes, operation standards and equipment allocation plans for agricultural mechanization of more than 10 efficient facilities, such as aquaculture, forestry and fruit

(VII) vigorously develop horticultural mechanization focusing on protected vegetables. Focusing on the implementation of the vegetable production base construction project of the "vegetable basket" project, we will strive to build 20 provincial demonstration sites of vegetable production mechanization of the "vegetable basket" project. Guide the construction of more than 20 municipal demonstration sites for agricultural mechanization with efficient facilities. Accelerate the construction of provincial modern agricultural science and technology demonstration center (Baima), and improve the pace of experimental demonstration of new agricultural machinery technologies and new machines and tools

IV. actively promote the popularization and application of green ecological agricultural mechanization technology

(VIII) scientifically implement straw mechanization. Adhere to the principle of "returning farmland mainly in summer and moderately in autumn", steadily improve the application level of wheat straw returning integrated machine transplanting and rice straw returning integrated three wheat machine sowing technology, and ensure high-quality completion of the target task of straw mechanized returning of 41.8 million mu. Scientifically promote the pilot of deep ploughing and deep ploughing of agricultural machinery, summarize and improve the technical route, and effectively improve the quality and effect of operations. Continue to adopt the supervision mechanism of "combining administrative inspection, social supervision and third-party verification", strengthen the supervision of key links such as policy publicity, social publicity and fund cashing, and ensure the implementation of subsidy policies

(IX) vigorously develop environmental friendly and energy-saving agricultural machinery. Accelerate the application of efficient plant protection mechanization technology, focus on promoting the use of high clearance self-propelled spray bar plant protection machines, and add more than 2000 sets of spray bar plant protection machines; Explore agricultural aerial pesticide application technology, and the area of agricultural aerial pesticide application is more than 800000 Mu throughout the year; We will steadily carry out experiments and demonstrations of unmanned plant protection machines and constantly improve the level of efficient and specialized plant protection prevention and control. We will strengthen the demonstration and promotion of sprinkler and drip irrigation, deep application of chemical fertilizers, and sowing machinery, and improve the efficiency of fertilizer and water use

(x) continue to implement the subsoiling and land preparation operation of agricultural machinery. Carry out the demonstration and application of conservation tillage technology, improve the subsidy policy for subsoiling and land preparation of agricultural machinery, and ensure the completion of the task of subsoiling and land preparation of agricultural machinery assigned by the Ministry of agriculture. Demonstration and promotion of remote monitoring equipment for agricultural machinery subsoiling and land preparation to improve operation quality and intelligent monitoring level

v. strengthen the capacity-building of agricultural machinery service subjects

(XI) strengthen the construction of agricultural mechanization service capacity projects. Continue to allocate 25million yuan to support the construction of 200 cooperative hangars and 50 maintenance points. The implementation of projects such as straw returning to the field and subsoiling and land preparation will be tilted to agricultural machinery service organizations such as agricultural machinery cooperatives, and powerful agricultural machinery service organizations will be encouraged to transfer contracted land. Service modes such as order operation, full trusteeship, joint tillage and joint planting will be actively promoted to improve the degree of organization of agricultural machinery operations

(XII) strengthen the standardized construction of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives. Extruders are important processing equipment. We will continue to carry out the establishment activities of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, promote agricultural machinery cooperatives to strengthen standardized management, and effectively improve the operation quality of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives. 200 Provincial Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives have been newly established in the province. Strengthen the maintenance management of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, hold provincial maintenance management training courses, and improve the level of maintenance management

(XIII) strengthen the informatization service of agricultural machinery management. Give full play to the role of the SMS platform of "ping an agricultural machinery link" to provide information services in terms of policy, operation market, etc. for agricultural machinery managers and machine operators. Strengthen the information guidance on cross regional operation of agricultural machinery, supply and demand of machines and tools, and organize and implement the "interconnection +" informatization pilot with Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives as the main body

VI. strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery under the rule of law

(XIV) further promote administration according to law. We will deepen the reform of "release, management and service", implement the exemption of new machinery from inspection and the approval of agricultural machinery maintenance sites "after licensing" in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry and the province, and constantly improve the management innovation ability. Implement the construction requirements of "one piece" of agricultural machinery government services, strengthen the information disclosure level of agricultural machinery test and identification, purchase subsidies, agricultural machinery maintenance supervision and other management services, and create an efficient and convenient agricultural machinery service platform integrating offline and online. Carry out law enforcement research on the 10th anniversary of the revision of the regulations of Jiangsu Province on the administration of agricultural machinery, and improve the legal administration level of the agricultural machinery system

(XV) pay close attention to the safety production of agricultural machinery. Strictly implement the safe production system of agricultural machinery in accordance with the requirements of "the same responsibility of the party and the government, double responsibility of one post, joint management and accountability for dereliction of duty". Focusing on Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, large agricultural machinery households and other production and operation units, we should focus on the implementation of the main body of agricultural machinery safety production. We will tighten the management of stock changes and delays, implement the policy of "one-year double inspection, overdue inspection and cancellation", and accelerate the implementation of the system of changing delays, scrapping, elimination and withdrawal. Strengthen dynamic supervision, continue to organize and carry out a series of activities such as the "safe production month" of agricultural machinery, the major inspection of agricultural machinery safety production, the special rectification of agricultural machinery safety production and the troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers, and deepen the creation activities of "safe agricultural machinery" and "safe agricultural machinery post pacesetters". Strengthen the standardized construction of safety supervision, carry out emergency drills for agricultural machinery accidents, and improve the ability and level of safety supervision. Optimize and improve the supervision information system and promote the informatization of law enforcement equipment

VII. Strengthen the quality supervision of agricultural machinery

(XVI) optimize and improve the quality standard system of agricultural mechanization. Strengthen the communication and cooperation with the competent standardization departments and relevant associations, strengthen the basic research on the evaluation and application standards of agricultural machinery, and speed up the preparation (Revision) of more than 10 agricultural mechanization quality standards, such as the supporting specifications of agricultural machinery in the facility vegetable park. Strengthen the supervision of the implementation of standards and comprehensively improve the level of agricultural mechanization standardization

(XVII) strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery test and identification capacity. Accelerate the construction of provincial agricultural machinery test and detection (white horse) base, strengthen the standardized construction of test and identification work, improve the laboratory testing ability and team professional quality, improve the scientific level of test and identification, and promote the popularization and application of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery

(XVIII) solidly promote the supervision of agricultural machinery quality complaints and the investigation of agricultural machinery quality. Strengthen the supervision of agricultural machinery quality complaints and the construction of agricultural machinery quality investigation team, and improve the professional ability and level of employees. We will continue to organize and carry out a series of activities such as the "March 15" of agricultural machinery quality complaint supervision, the crackdown on fake agricultural machinery and the creation of assured consumption of agricultural machinery, so as to create a good consumption environment

VIII. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation in agricultural machinery

(XIX) prepare for the 9th China (Jiangsu) International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. With the theme of "focusing on the whole process, serving modern agriculture and realizing the common prosperity of industries", highlighting the concept of "five major developments" and the characteristics of "precision, specialty and excellence", the ninth Jiangsu International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition was fully organized and held, with a net exhibition area of 25000 square meters in five pavilions. Through professional audience organizations, brand image exhibition of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and supporting activities of high-level forums, Jiangsu high-end agricultural machinery exchange and cooperation platform was created

(XX) promote overseas promotion projects of agricultural machinery. Actively respond to the construction of the "the Belt and Road", implement the "going out" strategy, give full play to the advantages of large provinces in agricultural machinery production, organize and coordinate the overseas promotion of agricultural machinery enterprises, expand the export of agricultural mechanization technology and agricultural machinery products with competitive advantages, and enhance the brand effect of Jiangsu agricultural mechanization

IX. strengthen the cultivation of skilled talents in agricultural machinery

(XXI) strengthen the training of practical talents in agricultural machinery. Give full play to the role of provincial agricultural machinery talent training base, pay attention to school community, school enterprise, school school cooperation, promote resource sharing, and realize training diversification. Focus on the key areas and key links of the whole process mechanization of grain production, strengthen the training of practical talents of agricultural machinery, highlight the training in the promotion and application of new agricultural machinery, new technology, agricultural production technology, agricultural machinery maintenance and rural e-commerce, and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the training. 200000 agricultural machinery practical talents were trained throughout the year

(XXII) do a good job in agricultural machinery vocational skills, and get the Certificate Award in Bian Xinchao's opinion. Give full play to the implementation effect of the policy of obtaining certificates, awards and subsidies for agricultural machinery vocational skills, and test the training effect through skill identification, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of trainees to learn technology and skills, and promote the improvement of training quality. In the whole year, more than 19000 people received certificates and subsidies for vocational skills in the agricultural machinery industry

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