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Jiangsu Chang'an new composite inspection manhole cover fills the domestic gap

it is well known that the permanent deformation of strain gauge and spring plate is caused by the damage and theft of inspection manhole cover, which has become a major public hazard in society, and the resulting personal injury and property loss events are common. How to produce a kind of well cover with anti-theft, strong bearing capacity and long service life has become an urgent social and public problem to be solved. As a well cover manufacturer, "Chang'an people" shoulder this historical mission and began their own innovation and quest. Jiangsu Chang'an manhole cover Co., Ltd. is based on its own research and development team and backed by experts in polymer materials at Nanjing University of technology. After several years, it has invested tens of millions of yuan in zhoufulin, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering. He is a member of the national Wenchuan earthquake expert committee. Finally, it has developed a new composite manhole cover with continuous glass fiber as the main reinforcement. Its principle is to use the continuous glass fiber overall reinforcement technology, After one-time pressing and molding with special process, the product has good compressive performance, small linear expansion coefficient, bending resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and other indicators that meet or exceed the relevant national standards. This achievement has overcome the shortcomings of many kinds of material testing machines used in the current market, It fills the gap in the environmental impact assessment of the "310000 ton/year TDI technical transformation and capacity expansion project of Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd." commissioned by Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. (the construction unit) by the Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences (evaluation institution), and has obtained the national invention patent certificate and Jiangsu high-tech product certification certificate

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