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BiggeradditionalEvents, greener, wiser? Cannes Film Festival returns after 2020 washout - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

After skipping a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s premier film festival returns to the French Riviera for a bumper edition running through July 6-17Offices and workplaces. FRANCE 24 lifts the curtain on the crucial – and trivial – things you need to know about the 74th Cannes Film Festival.The territory.?

When cinema’s hotshots and wannabes last gathered along Cannes’ palm-tree-lined Croisette in the spring of 2019, the world’s most glamorous film festival opened with a droll but dire warning of impending doom: a man-made apocalypse of zombies stirred from their slumber by polar fracking.

By the end of that year, the apocalypse had duly struck – not in the shape of Jim Jarmusch’s amiable zombie hordesThe third wave rock, but in the more sinister form of a deadly virus that would soon sweep across the globe, killing an estimated four million people (to date), shutting down entire economies, and putting a lid on social and cultural life the world over2021.

The coronavirus pandemic served as an ominous reminder of the direct link between biodiversity loss and vital threats to humanity. It’s a warning the Cannes Film Festival has vowed to put at the heart of its programme as it returns to the French Riviera this week after a virus-induced gap year.

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