European style cabinet is popular in the market

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The reporter has repeatedly asked businesses questions such as "which cabinet is the most popular at present", and the answers are surprisingly consistent: "of course, it's European style"! European style kitchen has become the first choice of most consumers, and cabinet merchants have also adapted to the situation and shifted their focus to the production and sales of European style cabinets

however, the reporter found that when introducing European style kitchens, many businesses use similar adjectives, nothing more than "the appearance has a strong European style, elegant and beautiful, which is more suitable for the Western lifestyle", and so on. But when the reporter asked whether this design style was original, the vast majority of businesses were silent and unwilling to talk deeply. Even a cabinet merchant told reporters, "the name of this cabinet hasn't been figured out yet. Please help us figure out the name."

from the above description, it is not difficult to see that at present, most European style kitchens active in the domestic cabinet Market plagiarize the existing designs of the west, but they have only their appearance and fail to get their essence. It is very common for Eastern and Western styles to mix in design details. And some cabinet merchants also admitted: "at present, the design level of domestic cabinets really needs to be improved. At present, it is mainly to learn from the West."

while the European style is popular in China, the Chinese kitchen, which is really suitable for Chinese cooking, is in an embarrassing situation with few pommel horses in front of the door. Although the Chinese style kitchen is more compatible with the Chinese decoration style room type, and is more suitable for Chinese cooking methods, it is currently in a marginalized position, which is really puzzling. The reporter interviewed some consumers at random, and the voice he heard most was: "usually I don't cook at home. The European style kitchen is good-looking and looks like I have taste. The Chinese style is too traditional and not very good-looking". By implication, the European kitchen is like a small jasper, while the Chinese traditional kitchen is an ancient woman. Is this really the case

the reporter believes that most European style kitchens "learn" from western classic design styles, which are naturally beautiful and generous, while Chinese kitchens can only be designed and explored by Chinese people themselves, and it is natural that the design style is not pleasing. Therefore, the root cause lies in the low design level of China's cabinet industry, which can only eat the leftovers of Westerners, but its original products are marginalized and in an embarrassing situation. Getting such a conclusion makes people shake their heads and sigh





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