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Ru Yu de Shui participated in China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) time: 2018.7.08-7.11 place: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall, poly World Trade Expo, Ru Yu de Shui booth number: 10.2-06

Ru Yu de Shui participated in China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

time: 2018.7.08-7.11

place: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall

Ruyu Deshui booth number: 10.2-06

Ruyu Deshui headquarters address: the third floor of Wangjing block B, No. 1909 Hongning Road, Hangzhou

Ruyu Deshui overall soft clothing, Ruyu Deshui started in 1996, and its predecessor was an enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, focusing on the customization of fine curtains. It is the pioneer of the "national chain, individual needs, centralized customization" model

creatively introduce the "suit" production process into curtain production, 313 production standards, and adhere to the perfection of details. "Exclusive customization, suit technology, environmental protection quality - really good curtains" has become a synonym for curtains like a fish in water

the eight categories of overall soft decoration meet the one-stop home shopping of consumers - ruyushui has hundreds of national chain stores, which has been upgraded from a leading brand in the curtain industry to an overall soft decoration marketing model. Ruyu Deshui's overall soft decoration is style oriented, with fabric home textile soft accessories as the core, to create a diversified overall soft decoration service, which currently covers eight categories: curtains, wall coverings, wall backgrounds, furniture, lighting, accessories, pillows, carpets. The product positioning is accurate, the environmental protection concept is carefully practiced, and the product quality is professionally guaranteed to meet the personalized customization of customers

product advantages - ruyushui has strong R & D and integration capabilities, leading design and fast update, and adopts the research, production and marketing mode of "planning + content + popular models + four seasons + speed matching". The product positioning is "fashionable and tasteful". It has a strong soft front and back office team, a mature product supply chain and an operation system of service terminals

diving performance improvement project - diving performance improvement new store project, April 3 project, project a, project b Like a fish in water, a good team + a wolf team can teach you drainage, promote sales, help you form orders, and achieve continuous performance growth

forward looking marketing thinking - brand + product + tool + coach, suit process display, good product witness cabinet, modular design, regional linkage and other marketing tools. Professional design teams build modular stores, regional linkage, project landing activities, such as multiple marketing channels, helping partners accumulate wealth more quickly

3d real-time design software - Automatic pre quotation of the whole house, intelligent drawing of house type, massive real scene matching scheme, one click intelligent soft decoration design, second speed rendering of 3D renderings, 720 ° stunning panoramic visual display, intelligent soft decoration design, marketing tool, transaction rate and customer value have been greatly improved

intelligent flexible production system - process management, quality management, production management, excellent quality, fast delivery, which lays the foundation for achieving scale leadership and total cost leadership

trend determines the future, platform determines the speed, and mode determines success. China's overall soft decoration market has begun to blowout, with light decoration and heavy decoration. The soft decoration market has broad prospects. Grasping the trend is grasping the future. Choice is more important than hard work. Choice is like a duck to water. Choosing strong potential stocks in the industry is more persuasive than brands that have been tested by the market. Like a fish in water, we invite you to welcome the era of overall soft clothing. Choose like a fish in water, even if you haven't done soft clothing for a day, we can also let you stand at the forefront of the industry





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