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There are many precautions for buying composite flooring. The following editor will take you to answer them one by one

there are many precautions for purchasing composite flooring. The following editor will take you to answer them one by one

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1. When purchasing composite wood flooring, what are the main technical indicators you should know

when purchasing composite wood flooring, the main technical indicators that should be understood are: 1. Wear resistance index; 2. Impact resistance; 3. Stain and stain resistance; 4. Smoke burning resistance; 5. Wear of contact surface; 6. Scratch of chair casters; 7. Volume expansion rate after water absorption; 8. Formaldehyde emission

2. How to understand formaldehyde emission

formaldehyde is a kind of chemical gas. When the content in the air reaches a certain concentration, it will do harm to human body. It is mainly used in the manufacturing process of composite materials and plays a bonding role. In this way, the formaldehyde contained in the floor will not volatilize immediately, but slowly volatilize due to different temperature and humidity conditions, and the volatilization time is more than ten years. Living in an environment with excessive formaldehyde concentration for a long time, formaldehyde will cause obvious damage to people's eyes, nose and respiratory system or cause people to suffer from skin diseases. The results of animal experiments also show that excessive formaldehyde emissions can also lead to nasal cancer and respiratory system cancer

therefore, all countries have set strict standards for the formaldehyde emission of plywood products. For example, Japan and EU countries all stipulate that the formaldehyde emission per 100 grams of plywood must be less than or equal to 10 mg, otherwise it is not allowed to be sold on the market; The formaldehyde emission standard of plywood products in China (gb/t18102-2000) stipulates: Class A (superior product)? D? D formaldehyde emission per 100g plywood must be less than or equal to 9mg; Class B (qualified product)? D? D formaldehyde emission per 100 grams of plywood is between more than 9 mg and less than 40 mg

3. What should be paid attention to during installation

answer: 1. It cannot be installed on uneven or wet ground, such as kitchen and bathroom. 2. It cannot be installed on the newly laid cement floor. 3. The cement floor shall be dried for at least 80 days. 4. Use polyethylene floor mats at least 2mm thick. 5. It can be laid on the water heating ground, but not on the electric heating ground

4. Why must the installation conditions be strictly standardized

answer: if the floor is installed on the ground that does not meet the specifications, the following consequences will be caused: the floor bulges, warps, and the floor is uneven

5. Why should we go to the construction site in advance

answer: professional technicians carry out survey according to the standards to ensure that the ground conditions meet the specifications before the floor installation and ensure the best installation effect

6. Q: why should we implement the 24-hour delivery system in advance

answer: it is to make the floor adapt to the temperature and humidity differences inside and outside the user's room, so as to ensure that the floor will not deform after installation and ensure the installation quality

7. Q: what is the difference between composite wood flooring and solid wood flooring

answer: the biggest difference between composite wood floor and solid wood floor lies in its structure. Composite wood floor is a composite structure with high surface wear resistance and good moisture resistance; The solid wood floor feels good and luxurious after paving, but it is often easy to deform after a long time. Both of them have their own characteristics, but because of its unique advantages and the selection of materials from fast-growing forests, composite wood flooring can protect the natural resources of the environment to the greatest extent, so it has been welcomed by many consumers around the world, especially environmental protectors. Since its birth in 1985, the sales volume of laminate flooring has been rising rapidly, reaching 180million M2 by 1998. It is likely to become the most important material for floor decoration in the near future

8. The calculation formula of the number of skirting lines required is:

the number of square meters of the floor used in the room/2.4

9. The calculation formula of household expenses for indoor stairs is:

(square meters of floor used in the room + square meters of floor used in the stairs) ☆ unit price + stairs ☆ 70 yuan

10. Q: how to determine the purchase area when purchasing floors

answer: add about 8% of the loss on the basis of the actual use area of the house. The final settlement of the project shall be subject to the actual installed square meters

11. Q: what is the green core moisture-proof function

answer: at present, there are mainly two kinds of composite wood floor substrates, one is particleboard, the other? The quality invades the small, the small, and the small? It is made by grinding and crushing small caliber wood and pressing it under high temperature and pressure. It is now commonly used. Among them, the density of medium density board?? 550 kg -880 kg/m3, high density board density ≥ Above 880 kg/m3, “ Ruijia ” High density board. Because the core layer of the composite wood floor is made of wood, it is still afraid of moisture and water. For this reason, “ Ruijia ” Special moisture-proof additives are added to the floor in the production process of high-density board, so that the water absorption thickness expansion rate of the floor is smaller than that of the ordinary core layer, playing a comprehensive moisture-proof role. To show the difference, the damp proof core layer is usually dyed green, which is the green core floor seen by consumers

12. Q: is the green core moisture-proof floor not afraid of water

answer: no matter how damp proof the composite wood floor is, it is also wooden. All wooden things are afraid of water. The green core moisture-proof floor mainly plays the role of strengthening moisture-proof. Some composite wood floors can be soaked in water because these floors are made of excessive increase in the content of urea formaldehyde resin glue or phenolphthalein glue during processing. However, increasing urea formaldehyde resin glue will inevitably make formaldehyde exceed the standard, and phenolphthalein glue is highly toxic, which is strictly prohibited to be used indoors in foreign countries

13. Ask: how to care

daily care is very simple. It doesn't need polishing, waxing and painting. It only needs to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or wiped with a wet cloth and mop. If you are accidentally soiled by nail polish, ink, wine, etc., you can wipe it clean with nail polish remover or detergent. Special attention: never use water to wash the floor; The floor cannot be cleaned with highly corrosive detergent. The wear-resistant layer is aluminum oxide, which is an amphoteric oxide, and can react with acid and alkali. It is a good way to avoid alkaline substances and scrub with rice washing water. Avoid sanding, waxing or painting on the floor





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