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Greek essential home, a unique Bohemian design - yourong - Italian home

Bohemia, girls like Bohemian style clothes and skirts, leisure vacation. The essential home brand is the epitome of thoughtful Bohemian design. Its unique design, characterized by colorful mixed color materials, integrates the important historical coordinate points in the "1930s to 1960s" into today's design

the harmony between yin and Yang, classical and modern, graceful and Frank have been integrated into the brand's sharp eclectic style and frank iconic style. The essential home brand creates a distinctive, intimate and comfortable environmental atmosphere, which shows the exquisite and elegant taste of the luxury home with medieval modern marks

delicate analysis of the 1950s: this fusion is characterized by perception, color, material and design. It is how the environmental atmosphere evokes rich associations of the 1950s and shows customers a harmonious unity of the past and the present

by using pure and eternal materials, such as walnut and oak combined with shiny brass materials, and emitting the smell of leather, this creates a compromise atmosphere, and combines the characteristics of Matt, soft and comfortable tones





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