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Continuing the temperature of these years, wallpaper is still the fashion of wall decoration this year, and its decorative function has been brought into full play

metal ceiling comes from Europe and the United States and other countries. Ten years ago, decorated aluminum ceiling (mainly aluminum magnesium ceiling) was regarded as a high-end product, and the price was also about 200 yuan, which was rarely used in China. Now with the improvement of process and technology, aluminum ceiling began to rationalize in price

I. development history of ceilings

ceilings are mainly used in airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations and residential places. There are gypsum board, mineral wool board, PVC, aluminum gusset board and soft ceiling on the market

the first generation products are gypsum board and mineral wool board

the second generation is PVC

the third generation product is metal ceiling

now gypsum board and mineral wool board are also constantly improved, including waterproof gypsum board and sound-absorbing mineral wool board. However, they have a single plate type and are not easy to scrub. They are installed for open frame keel and are mostly used in engineering. PVC products have poor oxidation resistance, are not moisture-proof, fire-proof, easy to deform and change color, and are mostly used for old-fashioned ordinary home decoration. With the improvement of people's requirements for decoration quality, aluminum gusset plates have been basically used in family decoration to make ceilings

II. The development prospect of aluminum gusset ceiling

because of the many types of aluminum gusset panels, smooth lines, rich colors, good appearance effect, and more fire-proof, moisture-proof, easy installation, easy cleaning and other characteristics, designers and customers can choose and buy the ceiling ceiling according to the color of furniture and floor color, which is welcomed by consumers and has been recognized by the world. Smallpox has been developed from gypsum board, mineral wool board, PVC and aluminum gusset board for quite a long time. In the early stage of aluminum gusset plate, there was only spray coated plate, and then developed to roll coating and then film coating (the film coating is mostly used for home decoration). Now this kind of film coating is PVC film on the market, and a PET film is produced in Japan, which is more environmentally friendly. From this point of view, the prospect of aluminum gusset plate in the next few years is very good

III. ceiling brands on the market

there are many aluminum gusset plate manufacturers on the market. In supermarkets, foreign well-known brands mainly include "lesilon in the Netherlands", American "Simon", and domestic well-known brands mainly include "Xifei", "Hyundai (Opel)", "beiliming", "xialuminum", etc. In fact, most of the so-called imported brands use imported technology and imported production lines, and their production and processing plants and raw materials are in China

IV. The main factors that determine the quality and price positioning of aluminum gusset plate

the aluminum materials used for ceilings are all aluminum alloys, and there can be no pure aluminum (pure aluminum is too soft and not strong enough). However, due to the different alloy content, the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy are different. At present, the aluminum alloy used in ceiling materials in China is divided into five grades:

grade 1: aluminum magnesium alloy, which also contains some manganese. The biggest advantage of this material is its good oxidation resistance. At the same time, because of the content of manganese, it has a certain strength and stiffness, and is the most ideal material for ceiling. The aluminum processing performance of Southwest Aluminum Plant in China is the most stable

second grade: aluminum manganese alloy, which is slightly better in strength and stiffness than aluminum magnesium alloy. But the oxidation resistance is slightly lower than that of aluminum magnesium alloy. For example, protective treatment is carried out on both sides, which basically solves the disadvantage that its oxidation resistance is not as good as that of aluminum magnesium alloy. Aluminum processing performance of domestic western aluminum and Ruimin aluminum is the most stable

third grade: aluminum alloy, which contains less manganese and magnesium. Therefore, its strength and stiffness are significantly lower than aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy. Because it is soft and easy to process, as long as it reaches a certain thickness, it can basically meet the most basic flatness requirements of the ceiling. However, its antioxidant capacity is obviously inferior to that of aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum manganese alloy. Moreover, it is easy to deform during processing, transportation and installation

the fourth grade: ordinary aluminum alloy, which has unstable mechanical properties

fifth grade: the raw material of this kind of plate is the aluminum processing plant, which melts and ties the aluminum ingot into aluminum plate, and does not control the chemical composition at all. Due to the uncontrolled chemical composition, the properties of these materials are extremely unstable, resulting in serious uneven product surface, product deformation, and easy oxidation

from the above grades of raw materials, it is not difficult for us to analyze the quality assurance of each ceiling after molding. The best aluminum gusset plate, their main raw materials are aluminum magnesium alloy plate of Southwest Aluminum Plant and aluminum manganese alloy plate of Ruimin aluminum industry. Now many people think that the thicker the plate is, the better. Through the analysis of the above raw materials, we can know that if it is the same raw material, the thicker the plate is, the better. But if it is the fifth grade plate, no matter how thick it is. In addition, in terms of surface treatment, some manufacturers' raw materials do not reach a certain thickness, but in order to pursue the idea of thickness, they spray an extra layer of paint during surface treatment. Ordinary consumers cannot have a good understanding of the raw material when buying aluminum gusset plates. The simplest way is to feel the strength and hardness of aluminum plates by hand




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