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Japanese home decoration, which is mainly made of wood, brings people the most direct natural feeling. This set of Japanese home decoration cases recommended by Xiaobian gives people a fresh and natural feeling. If you live in such a home, I believe you will be more happy, and it is difficult to be unhappy

light wood color matches with dark wood color. Pure wood furniture makes life return to nature, fresh and elegant. Dark wood colored dining table, square style, neat, with white tablecloth, natural color, make life more concise. Pure white ceramic tea set, inlaid with golden edges, noble and elegant. White curtain on the ground, coupled with a light yellow opaque curtain, the elegant atmosphere pervades the whole space. Light gray chair, comfortable shape, with a small round tablecloth with white lace edge, looking out the window, fresh and natural. Decorate a pot of green plants to make life more leisurely

white tablecloths, white tea cups and golden borders highlight the noble atmosphere. Put some fruits on the table, adding a bright color to the table. Gray linen chairs, with wood colored dining tables, retro colors are more close to nature. The working area made of wood, white computer keyboard and metal frame make the modern flavor stronger, and the perfect combination of modernity and nature. The small partition made of wood is of different lengths between the upper and lower layers, and some trinkets are placed, which not only plays a decorative role, but also increases the sense of three-dimensional

the dark gray fabric sofa, with a wide shape, soft and comfortable, and two large backrest cushions, is more comfortable, which frees us from the busy work. Match it with a white cushion to make it more beautiful and fresh. The oval wooden tea table, fresh and visible wooden texture, coupled with a pot of green leafed plants, will blow the natural wind all over the space, fresh and natural

the kitchen area is clean and tidy with overall white color. There is no other decoration. Simple white can be closer to nature and make our life simple and warm. The sliding door type overall cabinet, with different kitchen supplies placed in layers, can not only save space, but also be neat and unified, making the kitchen look more spacious and tidy. The black stove matches with the overall white kitchen. The black-and-white matching also shows a noble and elegant atmosphere, and all matching is natural and harmonious





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