The recovery of the hottest MDI market led to the

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The recovery of MDI market has led to the shortage of downstream aniline

recently, with the recovery of demand in the downstream market of MDI, MDI manufacturers have raised the unit operating rate to a higher level, and the upsurge of MDI operation has also driven the production of aniline enterprises

relevant persons from aniline manufacturers said that at present, the supply of aniline in the market is tight, the enterprise devices maintain high load production, and the market is in short supply, which will lead to sensor damage

however, some analysts are not optimistic about the popularity of this market. Some analysts believe that the rise in aniline prices is affected by seasonal consumption and related factors. From the perspective of MDI industry, which accounts for nearly 60% of aniline consumption, the leading enterprises are strongly promoted by the structural reform on the supply side of coal and steel because of this cut in the early stage: the implementation of the decisive policies of the central government has effectively slowed down the redundant and chronic diseases of the two industries for a long time; The success of coal and steel production capacity ldquo; Slimming down rdquo; It also reawakened the long sleeping market ldquo; Force rdquo; The output of aniline in February was overestimated, but the imported products did not arrive, resulting in the appearance of shortage of aniline Market. At the same time, the shortage of upstream pure benzene will change at any time, and the price of primary energy is relatively stable with quality assurance. These factors will make the upward channel of aniline short

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