The refinement team on the hottest high-speed rail

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Original title: the "fine repair team" on the high-speed rail link line in the early morning of February 10, in the high-speed rail link line of Shangrao station in Jiangxi Province of Hefei Fuzhou high speed rail, about 30 meters from the ground, there were four line workers in the Shangrao high speed rail line workshop of Nanchang West Public Works section, wearing small night lights and yellow overalls, bending down beside the rails. The incessant collision of metal instruments broke the silence of the winter night

Shangrao station is the first "straddling" high-speed railway comprehensive hub in China. There is a 6km "U-shaped" connecting line between Shanghai Kunming and Hefei Fuzhou high-speed railway, just like a large high-speed railway "Overpass". After the high-speed railway enters the station, it can complete the transition from "upstairs" to "downstairs". Sunlingtan, the foreman, and his colleagues work on this contact line all the year round. They call themselves the "refinement team" on the contact line

"today's task is to check the rail structure and turnout geometry of the high-speed rail tie line." At 1:16 a.m., sun lingtan took out a set of tools like blades from the tool kit and skillfully selected the appropriate thickness by using the light of the headlights. "This is a feeler gauge. Due to its small particle size, the thickness ranges from 0.03mm to 1mm. If you insert it into the gap between components, you can check the error that is thinner than the hair!" Sunlingtan said, "during the Spring Festival transportation, hundreds of thousands of high-speed rail and bullet trains were operated intensively. In order to ensure driving safety and passenger comfort, this will also give the extruder industry endless impetus for development. The subtle changes of 1mm can not be ignored."

"Ka... Ka..." at 1:50, Lu Min, the lineman, was holding a digital display wrench in his forehand, bending down beside the cement sleeper to carefully adjust the screw torque of a group of rail fasteners, and the electronic display on the wrench jumped with red numbers from time to time. Lu Min said while tightening the screws, "now the high-speed rail uses an electronic digital display wrench. How hard each screw is screwed can be displayed on the screen, which is very accurate." He said that because the connecting line is a curve, the height of the two rails is different, and the train will produce greater pressure when passing by. Because the value of waste pulp in overseas bases of other countries is more prominent, the maintenance of rail fasteners in this section of the line is particularly critical. After screwing in a set of screws, Lu Min stood up and sweat oozed from her forehead

within 4 hours of each night's work, they will complete the maintenance and repair task of 6km of the whole connecting line, including 9600 sleepers and 38000 bolts. At 4 a.m., the operation task was successfully completed. Several people's eyes were red and their arms were too sore to lift. Since the opening of Hefei Fuzhou high speed railway in 2015, sun lingtan has worked on this contact line for 4 years. In addition to the "black and white reversal" of work and rest time, he also takes care of every equipment like "embroidery". "Now China's high-speed rail is leading the world. I am very proud of myself when I think of myself as a high-speed rail worker." Sunlingtan said

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