The recovery of the hottest glass market helps to

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The recovery of the glass market has helped increase the price of soda ash

recently, the domestic glass market has shown an upward trend, which has increased the price for ten consecutive days, and its sales season is coming. Industry analysts say that glass is the main downstream of heavy soda ash, and the continuous recovery of the glass market is expected to promote the price rise of heavy soda ash

since August, except that the price of soda ash in East China and central China has increased by yuan/ton due to the continuous unit maintenance of some enterprises, and the price of soda ash in Sichuan has increased slightly due to the slight vibration of natural gas, other regions still operate stably. At present, the delivery price of heavy soda ash is: Huazhong yuan/ton, Huabei yuan/ton, 8. Repeat steps 4-7, Huadong yuan/ton

the continuous price rise and low elastic modulus in the downstream glass market is a "miracle" for the glass market that has been depressed for half a year. In addition, at present, the inventory of soda ash is relatively low, and all enterprises increase the operating rate to supplement the inventory. The psychological expectation of "golden nine silver ten" constitutes the current positive situation in the soda ash market. However, some insiders believe that the recovery of glass is only short-term, and heavy soda ash will inevitably fall back at that time

float glass shipments in Central China are good, and inventories of manufacturers in southern China are low. Most manufacturers have raised their prices or are in the process of brewing price increases. In the "golden nine silver ten" peak season, although the downstream real estate market of glass has a downward trend, the rigid demand still has a certain supporting role. Therefore, the recent domestic float glass market trend may continue to rise

at present, in the consumption composition of soda ash in China, glass accounts for 42%, chemical industry accounts for 12%, light industry accounts for 12%, civil industry accounts for 7%, metallurgy accounts for 5%, medicine accounts for 2%, and other fields account for 20%. The main listed companies related to the soda industry are: *st Haihua (), Qingdao Soda Industry (), chlor alkali chemical (), Hebang shares (), Shuanghuan Technology (), and Sanyou chemical ()

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