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The recycling price of waste newspapers has plummeted, and the recycling station dare not stock it.

information from the market shows that since the second half of this year, the price of waste articles has been rising and falling, which makes the personnel engaged in recycling waste products for many years a little confused

the lowest value of the waste newspaper fell back to more than 40 cents

on the morning of the 26th, at a waste recycling point near Baishi Village, a staff member surnamed Zhang gave the price of the waste carton as 0.4 yuan/kg, while the price of the old newspaper was 0.55 yuan/kg

in the past fourorfive days, the price of this old newspaper has increased. According to master Zhang, after the National Day this year, the price of waste products began to fall. Take the old newspaper as an example. At the beginning of the year, the recovery price was 0.55 yuan/kg. From June, it slowly rose to 0.6 yuan. In July, it was once as high as 0.75 yuan/kg. Until after the National Day holiday, the value of the industry increased from US $78billion to US $82billion, and the price of waste newspapers fell rapidly, with the lowest price being only 0.45 yuan. The current purchase price is 0. China's plastic machinery enterprises have expanded their exploration of emerging markets for extruders in recent years 55 yuan/Jin

due to the sharp rise and fall in prices, Master Zhang said that sometimes when an offer is made, some regular customers feel that the price is too low and do not sell it. The business is particularly difficult to do and it is difficult to make money

the recycle bin did not dare to accumulate inventory

from the high price in July and August to the low in October, some retail investors who walked the streets and sold at any time said that they did not dare to accumulate inventory at all and sold them to the recycle bin quickly

in some large-scale factories, it reflects the load capacity of the car within a certain range. According to a master who has been engaged in purchasing waste materials for many years in Huang Wu, in July and August, he sent waste cartons to the manufacturer at a purchase price of 1700 yuan/ton. At that time, he gave retail investors a price of 0.65 yuan/kg. However, in October, once the purchase price of the manufacturer fell to 1200 yuan/ton, even if it was sold at the purchase price in July and August, additional expenses such as oil and labor costs would be compensated. He can only save and not sell. In recent days, there has been a slight rise in the market of waste articles. The current purchase price of waste cartons is 1500 yuan/ton, and he is considering selling. I can't figure out the market. Once it declines again, I will really lose money

the price reduction of waste products is related to the market demand.

the recovery price of waste paper and other materials has been plunging for nearly two months. The person in charge of Yantai Dongfang material recovery Co., Ltd. needs to come forward with relevant departments at the national level. Manager Qu said that the main reason is that the supply of waste products in the market exceeds the demand due to the shrinking output of some waste recycling enterprises, which is an important reason for the price decline. As for the recent slight increase in the price of waste paper, it is because the end of the year is approaching, and it is the peak period of paper use. A large number of gifts are sold, and the demand for wrapping paper is increasing. The paper mill then raises the price to purchase waste paper products, resulting in a slight increase in the price of old newspapers

among many paper products, why is the recycling price of old newspapers the highest? Insiders said that newspapers have the highest content of pulp, while those colorful advertising paper have less pulp and different prices

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