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The recycling of waste polyester raw materials has passed the appraisal. Jiangsu Xiake environmental protection color textile Co., Ltd. said that where is the most famous experimental machine? The white polluted waste plastic bottles are spun into colorful polyester yarn after being extruded and dyed. This domestic environmental protection technology of "recycling, development and utilization of waste polyester resources" has passed the appraisal of the national environmental protection expert committee

Xiake company has been engaged in the recycling, development and utilization of waste polyester resources since 1991. The company has prepared to establish a recycling company, which has successfully explored the use of waste polyester bottles as raw materials to produce staple fibers, add color masterbatch to spin colored silk, and then spin colored silk into yarn, and built a complete process production line. The company has won the provincial high-tech products of porous hollow polyester staple fiber and far-infrared polyester staple fiber, and the international award-winning high-tech products such as polyester staple fiber for water absorbing pen, colored AB yarn and Kailun wool viscose colorful yarn are all produced from waste plastic bottles. These products are not only sold well in the domestic market, but also exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other more than ten countries and regions

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according to chenjianzhong, general manager of the company, for the second error, at present, the unit price per ton of polyester chips for production is 7200 yuan, while the company uses the price of waste polyester raw materials. 4. Under normal circumstances, the pointer should return to zero after air strike, which is more than 2000 yuan lower than the original price per ton. Based on the enterprise's annual production capacity of 60000 tons last year, Eating 2billion plastic bottles a year can reduce the cost by more than 100million yuan. Source: National Plastic Processing Industry Information Center

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