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The recovery of the market promotes the rapid development of the hardware wholesale market.

China's hydraulic hinge and buffer slide started not late. As early as a few years ago, many foreign businessmen came to China to purchase hydraulic hinge and buffer slide. However, shortly after the purchase, oil leakage occurred, causing great economic losses. China's hydraulic hinge and buffer slide rail did not start late. As early as a few years ago, many foreign businessmen came to China to purchase hydraulic hinge and buffer slide rail. However, shortly after the purchase, oil leakage occurred, causing great economic losses. Nowadays, the hydraulic damping hinge and buffer slide rail have the potential to completely replace the ordinary hinge and slide rail

the core of damping technology and products in hydraulic hardware industry is sealing technology. Although the domestic hinge and slide rail industry has begun to take shape, most domestic suppliers of hydraulic damping hinge and buffer slide rail are unable to promote on a large scale due to poor sealing technology, production process and lack of their own intellectual property rights. At the same time, foreign famous manufacturers and brand companies are still actively looking for China's high-end sealing technology and hydraulic hardware products, and are in a wait-and-see state before a large number of purchases

poor sealing leads to catastrophe

in the furniture industry, there are 6.5% of the core components in translation, sliding, moving, supporting, telescoping, lifting and rotating Displacement resolution: hardware of 0.01mm sealing technology is defined as hydraulic hardware. For example, the core hardware of damping hinge, buffer slide rail, floor spring, door closer, sliding door damper, damping hinge, damper for buffer toilet cover, cupboard brace, seat lifter, rigid locking regulator of seat back, lifting table, lifting coffee table, etc. are all hydraulic hardware, and the core technology of hydraulic hardware is high-end sealing technology

the so-called high-end sealing technology is a sealing technology that maintains long-term operation in the complex environment of high temperature, high pressure, high speed, high strength, strong corrosion, strong wear and large vibration. This is the definition of qiangshun technology group, which is in the forefront of R & D and production of hydraulic damping products in China. The core technology and core competitiveness of the enterprise is the high-end sealing technology to maximize the protection of battery modules. As the core of damping and cushioning technology and products in the hydraulic hardware industry is sealing, it is precisely because it sees the infinite prospect of damping, cushioning technology and products in the furniture industry that qiangshun technology has invested more than 20 million yuan since 2004, has been committed to the research and promotion of damping and cushioning Technology and products in China's furniture industry, and has applied for more than 20 patents

sealing technology is the cornerstone of the entire basic industry. Due to the lack of high-end sealing technology, many major disasters and losses have taken place in the world:

1991 Kuwait oil well blowout fire caused a daily economic loss of 120million US dollars

1984 toxic gas leakage accident at Bhopal plant in India caused 3150 deaths, 45000 permanent injuries and 600000 claims for compensation

1988 British North Sea oil platform explosion tragedy, 167 people died

1.2 billion US dollars of space shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986 and turned into ashes

these tragedies were caused by leakage due to poor sealing technology. Weideyi, technical director and vice chairman of qiangshun technology, told us that there are leaks in places with pressure, fluid and dust, so all walks of life can not do without seals, and hydraulic hardware can not do without seals. Once the hydraulic hardware products leak in a large area, the supplier may have the loss of bankruptcy and the loss of the brand established through years of hard work

there is no seal without leakage, only the length of service life, that is, the service life of high-end seal is long, and that of ordinary and low-end seal is short. Because of its service life, important engines, pumps and valves are equipped with sealing repair kits for regular replacement. Hydraulic and pneumatic components that cannot be replaced must be sealed with high-end seals. Such as rockets, missiles, hydraulic dampers, etc. Wei Deyi said so

he also emphasized that the core technology of hydraulic hardware is high-end seal, not ordinary seal, nor low-end seal with low price. Therefore, although the hydraulic hardware products such as hinges and slide rails look small, they can not be despised. Now many manufacturers do not even understand the sealing compression amount. They just follow the cat's example without understanding what the sealing material is, and infringe others' intellectual property rights. They will certainly suffer in the future

seal failure is caused by rubber aging

Wei Deyi introduced that there are 14 types of seals in total, and most hydraulic hardware sealing materials are made of rubber and immersed in oil. The main factor of this type of seal failure is aging with time. Therefore, one of the most important research directions of hydraulic damping hinge and slide rail product sealing technology is to extend the service life. Any life test based on short time can only hide one's ears

with the continuous aging of rubber, the performance will gradually decline, and the use value of the product will gradually lose. Therefore, for the R & D and production enterprises of hydraulic hinge and buffer slide rail, the research on rubber aging and protection technology has extremely important practical value and economic significance

rubber aging is a complex comprehensive chemical reaction process. It is impossible to absolutely prevent rubber aging. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the causes of rubber aging, and take appropriate measures according to these causes to delay the aging speed of rubber, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging the service life of rubber

as the factors leading to the aging of rubber products are different, corresponding anti-aging measures should be taken according to different aging mechanisms, mainly including physical protection and chemical protection. The flame retardance of physical protection method reaches V0, which means that the interaction between rubber and various aging factors should be avoided as far as possible. Countries' aviation and aerospace have invested a lot of money in this field

the hydraulic hardware industry has a bright future, 1 The light bar can make the lifting device of the tensile testing machine achieve "infinite" lead, which needs support. It can be said that the furniture hydraulic hardware is a revolution to the traditional furniture hardware, and the technical breakthrough is the key point. In view of the broad prospects of the industry, hydraulic hardware should be strongly supported by the government and industry associations

Wei Deyi said that the hydraulic hardware industry has shown great vitality and great market potential. If properly managed and guided, it will become an international industry. We have mastered the core sealing technology of the hydraulic hardware industry, and coastal cities have the industrial chain to strengthen the industry. Over time, many enterprises that make and use core components in the furniture hydraulic hardware industry will have the opportunity to achieve many international big brands. However, China's hydraulic hardware industry in reality still lacks relevant industry standards so far. As far as the current situation is concerned, it is necessary to immediately correct the bad phenomena and behaviors existing in the industry, form a virtuous circle with downstream hydraulic hardware and furniture enterprises, establish industry standards as soon as possible, form orderly competition, and create a real big industry

at the same time, the industry also needs to severely crack down on the cases of infringement of intellectual property rights in the industry, so as to create a good living environment for the technological innovation and rapid and healthy development of the industry. If an enterprise can accurately understand the trend of the hydraulic hardware industry, continuously invest in and improve the industry, and create its own national brand, it is not impossible

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