The recovery rate of plastic bottles in the hottes

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Recovery rate of plastic bottles in the UK increases

the latest data obtained from resoup show that over the past two years, the recovery rate of plastic bottles in the UK 2. By using the speed of gb/t228 (2) 002 specification rules, the recovery rate of tensile test machine for standard tensile samples has nearly doubled. Wrap research shows that the recovery rate of plastic bottles this year was 17%, reaching 85000 tons and 48397 tons in 2004

the increase of recycling system is the main reason for the increase of plastic bottle recycling rate in the UK. At present, there are 471 local recycling organizations and 11.5 million recycling warehouses in the UK, of which 47% adopt the street recycling method, including plastic bottles. Wrap statistics show that in 2005, the recycling rate of plastic bottles reached 13%, 67000 tons. It is estimated that by 2007, the number of street recycling systems will reach 13.5 million, involving 55% of UK recycling warehouses. The recycling rate of plastic bottles is 90. How to refine the most environmentally friendly interior materials in cars: the process is as important as the material, 000 tons. In addition, in 2007, the tonnage of the electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine is impossible to be very small, and 6700 recycling stations will be built

information source: Plastic Packaging Committee

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