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PA type BAIC Auman "5T" defines the new standard of heavy truck service industry

BAIC Auman "5T" defines the new standard of heavy truck service industry

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Guide: as the saying goes: Passenger Cars sell price, commercial vehicles sell service. Heavy truck users not only value the quality and performance of the product itself, but also see a series of services surrounding the product. As a tool for making money, it is difficult to make a normal profit without timely and effective maintenance. At the same time, its high technical content, operation

as the saying goes, "passenger cars sell at a price, while commercial vehicles sell services". Heavy truck users not only value the quality and performance of the product itself, but also see a series of services surrounding the product. As a tool for making money, if it is not repaired and maintained in a timely and effective manner, it will be difficult for Beijing's major scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization project, the industrialization of green printed circuit preparation technology based on nano materials, to successfully pass the acceptance of the expert group and make profits. At the same time, due to its high technical content and complex operating conditions, perfect services are needed to ensure smooth operation

Auman, who has entered the ranks of leaders in China's heavy truck industry, not only leads the development of the industry in truck manufacturing technology, but also takes the lead in integrating with world standards in the after-sales service that attracts the attention of heavy truck consumers, and puts forward China's

world-class service standard, namely "5T" service standard

this standard is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. Total process: provide users with the whole process services through pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales; 2. Total life cycle: provide users with life-long full cycle services around the product life; 3. Total driving care: provide users with all-round care for people and vehicles, improve the use experience and improve operation efficiency; 4. Total standard operation: provide users with unified services that are consistent with image identification, service process, maintenance standard, maintenance quality and price; 5. Total customer satisfaction: pursue the full satisfaction of users' physical and emotional needs

Auman's "5T service standard"

Auman's "5T" service can be said to be a system engineering, which includes not only service standards, but also specific service measures. It includes not only qualitative standard description, but also quantitative measurement indicators. For each service standard, corresponding service business and compliance requirements can be found. Its wide coverage and detailed content can be regarded as a model of service standards in the industry

under the guidance of 5t standard, Auman puts forward specific service measures in the 10 aspects that users pay most attention to

1. Professional sales - Auman strictly controls the quality inspection of commercial vehicles, delivers products with zero defects to users, carefully studies user needs, and recommends products that are most suitable for working conditions to users

2. User training - explain the configuration characteristics and performance of the vehicle and the precautions for maintenance to help users better use Auman trucks, reduce failures, achieve efficient operation, and save costs

3. Service points - Auman has built 1300 functional service points covering counties and mining areas nationwide to provide users with standardized and economical one-stop services for life

4. Warranty policy - provide users with the longest vehicle warranty period and the longest parts warranty period in the industry

5. Maintenance quality - provide professional maintenance services for life, eliminate general faults within 24 hours, solve difficult faults within 48 hours, and solve special faults within 72 hours, and they are durable

6. Spare parts supply - provide original spare parts with clear, economical and durable marks accurately for life, and supply them in place within 24 hours in the eastern region, 48 hours in the central region, and 72 hours in the western region

7. Technical consultation - establish a call center and network consultation platform to answer users' questions and abnormal conditions found in the process of using the vehicle, guide users to use the vehicle correctly, reduce faults, improve efficiency and reduce costs

8 designers combine the strength and toughness of graphene composites and provide emergency rescue - provide 24-hour duty services unconditionally for life, arrive in the eastern region within 1 hour and in remote areas within 4 hours

9. Complaint handling - users only need one, and we are responsible for the whole process of handling, and give users a satisfactory reply within 24 hours

10. Value-added service - provide maintenance services free of man hour charge to users outside the warranty period. With the rapid economic development, 20% discount on parts purchased, and free trailers within the jurisdiction. The service products outside the warranty period are professional, standardized, practical and economical, and the price is transparent. Provide users with comprehensive human and vehicle care and value-added services such as vehicle finishing, function recovery, used car replacement and insurance claims. Through the value-added care for people and vehicles, users can feel comfortable and maximize the value of vehicles

as early as 2007, Auman extended the warranty period of off-road vehicles by 50%, becoming the enterprise with the longest service period in the industry. For the first time, it reached the position that domestic heavy truck is closest to the international level, and then followed by a large number of followers. Domestic heavy truck enterprises have extended the warranty period originally promised. The launch of "5T" service standard will certainly set off a follow-up wave and raise the service level of the industry to a higher level

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